Acquired Saya Mobile app discontinued. Focus is on a complicated InstaVoice app

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

saya-mobileCurious to see what Kirusa acquired in Saya Mobile I decided today to download & use the Saya Mobile App. When I started the app I was presented with a screen that essentially says the app is no more. The app prompts you to download another app, a IM app by Kirusa called InstaVoice. So yes, the acquisition was actually an acqui-hire.

InstaVoice itself is like WhatsApp, except it emphasises the voice aspect plus the ability to chat with people that don’t have InstaVoice. I did install it and frankly found an anti-WhatsApp in terms of simplicity. And the main feature I’d probably use it for – the voice messages – are a feature in every popular IM app. Add to that the fact that no one in my address book has it and you have the lonely world that WeChat is. There’s the feature to send to other networks (SMS included I think) but this ability is not easily understandable from the user interface. Or maybe I’m now conditioned to want everything to be a straightforward as WhatsApp. Maybe I’m not alone.