TelOne reduces ADSL prices and adjusts data caps

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telone-broadband posterState telecoms subsidiary TelOne recently reduced its ADSL prices and adjusted the data packages to offer a more appealing suite of internet services.

Effective from the 8th of July 2014 the basic package with a 10 GB data cap now goes for $25 down from $31. The second package, called Silver, has been reduced to $45 per month from $61 with an increase on the data cap from 15 GB to 25 GB.

The Gold package has been slashed from $123 to $85 with the data cap being boosted from 20 GB to an impressive 50 GB cap.

The flagship package, Platinum, which offers unlimited ADSL access has had its price reduced to $160 per month. This is likely meant to compete with the price of an entry level, unlimited ZOL fibre package which is pegged at $149 per month.

These price reductions are definitely worth the applause. TelOne is displaying a keen focus on growing its customer as it has claimed to set out to do aggressively. Besides, this might just spur another round of broadband price reductions from the other providers.

At $25 per month the TelOne basic package is definitely going to give other ISPs something to compete with and the Platinum package going for $160 should also draw several users who haven’t yet received a fibre connection.

Beyond the price reductions, the data cap adjustments are also worth smiling about. The Gold package that now offers 50 GB of data for $85 is the biggest improvement here. It is the largest capped data offering on the market for under $100.

While we cross our fingers for a broadband price war it will be worth watching to see how much growth these new tariffs and packages bring for TelOne.

NB The price for the basic ZOL fibre package is $149 not the $175 which we had incorrectly stated. We have since made the adjustment and apologise for any inconvenience caused.




  1. macd chip

    Zol is doing great for me at $59 unlimited down and far much better speeds than l used to get from telone’s silver package.

    They need to sort out the download speeds because as it stands they will be capping you on two fronts, ie, downloads speed and actual downloaded data

    1. bt

      what speeds are you getting from Zol and are you using a wireless router or dongle?

      1. macd chip

        Im getting average 250kbs compare to telone 30kbs, bt on good days it can average 300kbs.

        I have an outdoor unit connected to my buffalo wireless router.

    2. Anonymous

      How reliable is it? Most of my friends who got ZOL said that its very erratic, fast but unreliable! That’s the one thing that’s made me reluctant to jump on the band wagon! Telone strategy is on point though, services like this are very price sensitive and given the state of the economy most people will be inclined to jump onto the cheaper service provider! As for the future, they just need to make sure that they upgrade and lower prices as the economy starts picking up! At this point capturing the market is the most important thing!

  2. Bravo Kilo

    telone speeds are so slow that ZOL has a laugh

    1. macd chip

      If they dont upgrade there core network and replace the old rotten pre.independence copper cables, they are heading the same direct with there sister company powertel.

      In every modern forward thinking ISP, you tripple your network capacity before you sign in new subscribers.

      Bt what l see in our gvt linked telcos, its the opposite.

  3. Nqobile Ncube

    Ouch here was I thinking with Tel one finishing it’s cabling in Plumtree my woes are over. Ouch.

  4. Anonymous

    Slow it might be but at least you get the basic internet. Im loving the basic one, still doing ok with it either way, if your on connection is slow call the telone support and they will boost it for you ka.

    1. Anonymous

      Im suprised someone is saying they get 30kdps on silver when im getting 160 to 230 kbps on bronze? How is that possible, check your connections or telone support, anyway maybe im just lucky but even the pple who encouraged me with telone are not complaining to date and this is just bronze we are talking about with a speed cap of 256kbps as they advertise. Im now thinking of the silver capped at 512kbps coz i didnt like the price of 61 when zol had unlimited for 59 per month. I believe the article writer is correct when saying it deserves an applause

      1. macd chip

        I know every top engineers at telone hq, they all hav visited my house to try and resolve the issue with no success.

        I even had guys from access testing the noise on my line with no success.

        I dont just comment for the sake of commenting!!

  5. Pamberi nezol

    Zol is good and has very competetive speeds too , telone kutodzikisa maprices isinga bhadhare vashandi futi maparastatal anonetsa aya next thing vanhu vaapa half salary , zol big up

  6. Mhuka Huru

    Am loving my NetOne, say what you want, I have good speeds with these guys, and I welcome the slashing of prices and capping

  7. David Behr

    Please note ZOL Superfast Fibre prices start at $149 – not $175 as stated in the article.

    Furthermore this is for an entry level speed of up to 10mbps – which is between 5 and 40 times faster than TelOne headline speeds. Fibre optic connections also give almost unlimited speed upgrades in the future, giving you a future proof way to connect to the internet. Fibre is not susceptible to the level of interference that copper has and is unaffected by rain and lightning.

    It is very important to differentiate the quality of service offered by fibre vs ADSL/WiMAX. ZOL’s WiMAX products are better compared to TelOne ADSL, and ZOL’s prices are considerably cheaper for the same speed.

    Like WiMAX, speeds offered by ADSL are a function of the local wireless or line quality respectively. This is the reason for such discrepancies in users comments to this article.

    Fibre on the other hand is a high quality digital signal that has none of this local variability.

    There really is no other comparison of ZOL Superfast Fibre in Zimbabwe at the moment. ZOL Superfast fibre is available in most of Harare and installation costs are currently free (limited time only).

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Sorry for the incorrect price there. It’s since been adjusted.

    2. macd chip

      You couldnt miss the opportunity Ben!!

      Im happy with Zol bt you need to sort out your installation guys! It took them 10days after payment to come and do the installation even tho l live a stone through away from your eastgate offices

      1. Anonymous

        How many pple will afford that?

    3. Tinashe

      Quite frankly, your zol website keeps asking for visitors to leave a note and express interest in residential fibre coverage but no one ever seems to respond. Your coverage is still really sparse compared to telone and an article applauding telone for making the internet more accessible may not be the best platform to throw rocks.

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you Telone for reducing prices on data bundles. However you should have simultaneously increased the download speeds as well. Customers want to Skype and watch videos using the bronze bundle.

  9. chipaz

    ZOL is tha deal. In malbra i do everything anytime, skype, youtube, huge downloads, netflix streaming at night. It work as advertised for $59. No complains. I have an indoors unit with a wireless router attached

    1. phddudlexxx

      Netflix huh??, Not so much a trust worthy comment

  10. So not Tel-One

    Thank you Tel-One but whats up with me going to a Tel-One shop to immediately request an ADSL connection only to be told that for the entire area serviced by the Avondale exchange, only Meyrick Park can get new connections as all the other area’s “ADSL ports”; are full. It means business is booming but it also means you have lost a potential customer. Now where’s that ZOL number………

    1. David Behr

      ZOL sales is 08677-111-111 🙂

      1. phddudlexxx


  11. seriously

    wont exactly be a war cz lets be honest speed wise noone can compete with zol.
    i use the telone platinum package and it is adequate but not fast enough to compare to zol. that were the “best effort” disclaimer comes in.
    lets be honest dedicated 512 is way faster than telone broadband platinum. for a person who can afford the current platnum with zol access im jumping ship you cant even get 5 users streaming @144p without buffering on telone but can get 720p for 2 users and 360p for 7 users on zol fibre

  12. zvirikufire kuzol

    big up zol boss for coming out and defending his company , He is one guy who pays his employees very well especially in these hard times Thank you David

  13. Zol needed in kk

    for now i give credit to telone for trying to keep us with the telone family but the 1Mb/s shoud have bn the one costing $61 not $85 so tht at least it tries to level the playing field in areas where zol mobile wimax is unavailable Like Kwekwe surburbs. until zol arrives in kwekwe fully and we see the speeds you guys are talkin about then maybe we wil switch. ZOL expand ur coverage and more base stations and insert a map in ur website of areas covered by mobile wimax. $59 by zol sounds great. one customer who will gladly switch to zol when fully optimised in kwekwe

  14. Chitown Massive

    Sorry for crashing the party y’ll. But I just had to go off topic,since everybody here is loving what they have/use(d) except for a few that have discovered zol and now think TelOne ADSL/WiMax is rubbish let me say this,a decent internet connexion is still a b it expensive for the ORDINARY folk here in Zim so in as much as we appreciate all those speeds from zol or telone(which are fast to us iregarless of how slow you say they are) we still think for the meantime Powertel is still the way to go for us the patient ones and owls…btw it goes for $1.20 a day unlimited which amounts to $8.40 a week and $36 a month so for now we’ll go with what’s not in the options…viva powertel

    And oh yeah,the sim goes for $2 only,howzat for value?

    1. Techno Llodza

      Chitown, it beats me why Zol being a company owned by Econet cannot break down it’s charges the way Powertel has done. This also goes to Behr. Break the charges and we are in.
      As a nation reduced to vendors, we cannot afford the full $62 but can afford to raise say, $5 and start googling. Think about this David.

      1. David Behr

        We have plans, but to make this effective we need to be 100% automated. This is what we are working on.

  15. Techno Llodza

    @ Behr – Do we need to highlight to you that TelOne caters for everyone u like your service which is selective? I’ve enquired it’s availability in high density surburbs and have been met with a hard hitting, “Unfortunately wr don’t have fibre in your location and don’t think it’s coming anytime soon”. So it is prudent that when we talk of data services, it better we talk of those that know no demographics like your WiMax and leave the exclusive fibre?

    1. David Behr

      @Techno Llodza We are going to get there I promise you. Which area are you referring to? We have high density in planning stages now.

      1. seriously

        i applaud zol bt to an extent yo contractors at liquid let you down in the turn around time for installation for fibre. i mean it took 2 months for a cable to be taken from 10m away with no real trenching needing to be done (hanzi boq or some other stuff * yes everyone knows of liquids notoriety on installation bt @700 no1 else comes near so hey) but other than that the moment it turns on you know you set.

    2. Tin

      Heard they dug up Luveve so there may be hope yet

  16. Unknown

    I have Telone platinum aside from the constant downtime which can sum up to almost a week in a month. My torrents run at 250 kbps average and Direct downloads 270 kbps average. I’m curious now what speeds does zol offer for direct/torrent downloads? I’m really sick of telone I want to start looking for a better offer. Anyone can enlighten me please?

    1. SirDownloadAlot

      @Unkown Hi. The 2mbps package from Telone is great! The good thing with Telone is stability. They are upfront about the download cap. Unlike ZOL, they hide behind a FUP (Fair usage policy), so if your on a Wimax $59, 1mbps home package, you have a CAP of 5GB. After which your link is slowed down. This is to prevent abuse. The fiber for home, be it 10mbps, 15mbps or 20mbps only works good at night if your lucky! 😉 Telone will also be doing residential fiber in the next week. Anyway, I’ve learnt the hard way and wasted a lot of money, if you don’t want to listen to my rant, please feel free to try. Speed is not everything, stability is the #1 thing here! #stayblessed

      1. All hype…

        The art of marketing today is have big bill boards and give vague impressive statements… In the context of data speed offering it’s easy to hide behind “up to”, that gives you leeway to defend poor service delivery and allows you to cheat people out of what they pay for!

      2. Unknown

        I will never accept a net that is not unlimited. I guess I have to sadly stick with Telone….

      3. Unknown

        Honestly, when the telone is working it’s pretty stable but I will still look around. Thanks for the info

  17. future customer

    @David Behr when are seeing service improvements and expand coverage in kwekwe, gweru i have bn in touch zol, i am told its in kwekwe, we all would want to see a map on the website of areas covered by mobile wimax coz fiber to reach to us its a dream to come

  18. streaming ahead

    @fc visited the area u wrote about with my wimax modem it only weks in kwekwe cbd , areas like msasa, mbizo, uhmm forget until zol expands coverage, i dnt think ur town is in zol minds coz by now u shld have three to four base stations supporting mobile wimax so advise to u use powertel or telone adsl then u cn compare when zol likes ur town,, ONLY ZOL KNOWNS WHEN PLACES LIKE KWEKWE WILL BE UPGRADED ,, maybe ask @David Behr

  19. Gwawawa

    I tell you Telone adsl is super enjoying everything

  20. Quintin Fick

    I have had major problems with ZOL… my boss is on WiMAX and had poor speed because the tower is overcrowded! The techs have tried 3 different towers and still no joy! The service is so varied… maybe late night it might ease up and get a reasonable speed. Now there is a billing issue because he tried the next package up to get a better speed and ZOL are wanting to charge us for the test time which was never understood to be a “test” and then we get billed for it! No concession whatsoever even though there is poor service delivery down to inadequate infrastructure!

    For being the largest ISP I find that very poor!

  21. zol and telone customer

    You can never beat cable. I have both TelOne ADSL (gold) and ZOL WiMax (Ultra) and ADSL is way better. It is faster and stable while the ZOL WiMax is very unstable and slow. Do not rely on that speed test, -upload and down load files that is where you see the differences. The only reason I am still with ZOL is because it is unlimited and as a backup. But with TelOne dropping prices I am taking the Platinum package and saying goodbye to ZOL. Already some are complaining about their Fibre to the Home as not being fast as advertised.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree i have bronze telone, i have powertel at home and zol at work but im tell you telone is stable. I love it speed or not

  22. linxsupastar

    i hev adsl platinum and itz brilliant..wht i love iz tht iz itz constant @256kbps no matter wat time of the day it iz..per day i dwnload an average of 25gig and i bet my axx tht u cant do tht with ZOL..all thiz pple bragging abt ZOL are js sme zol agent in disguise..wimax iz like Brazil juss overhyped..i regret the $59 i donated to Zol fo rubbish service..thnk u telone fo decreasing the price…vizit the zol facebook page n u will c the huge amount of complaints..@ david behr i want my $$$ back

  23. My precious

    I have the Ultra package for ZOL which is costing me $129 per month, with a speed cap of 3MB/sec. Is it brilliant, NO. I have called the team at ZOL and we even conducted tests. The speeds wre pathetic to say the lst. i couldd barely scratch 250kb per sec. The guys at ZOL are unprofessional and once they have your money they couldnt care less if you are even geting your money’s worth.

  24. HappyWimaxUser

    All those with connectivity issues call this number and i promise you will like their service. I’ve been using their wimax service for the past 3 years at home and office and in terms of ISP service i’d rate them at 8/10 and recommend them to anyone. 0772724389

  25. MJ

    I love TelOne. I live in Kwekwe so my options are limited but I surf, download, stream videos, comment son posts do everything I need to do and I am very very happy. I also have to say customer service with the Kwekwe branch is excellent and I am a customer service Nazi!! Powertel on the other hand is a DISASTER, sloooooooow as hell and they tell you the same thing in the same bored tone every time you call. It is a total nightmare so I thank God for Telone.

  26. Miles

    Telone chibaba chacho chimdara

  27. Anonymous

    telone chibabababababa chacho chrmughetto big up keep up the standards there rocking us

    kubaizwa nespeed dzekunyepa dzikutaurwa nemaagents a ZOL

  28. ignatius

    telone is good..i love it