WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Choosing the right CMS for the job

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Content Management Systems have for a long time made it easy to get into content publishing on the internet, and sometimes can be the quickest way to a rapid solution even for a startup that’s not into hard core publising especially when your coding is not your strongest point.

We came upon this comparison of the 3 major CMSes by Rackspace – WordPress, Drupal and  Joomla – and thought some of you would find it useful as a tool help you choose, if you’re not already religious about a particular platform. It’s an interactive Infographic so click around on tabs on the right edges as well to get the info. Also let us know in the comments which content management system you use and your reasons.


  1. Trevor Sibanda

    An unfortunate thing is that almost 90% of Zim startups use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, include some fancy images and launch it !

    As a rule of thumb, I never use WordPress or any other CMS on any project unless I will hack it and integrate the blog to my project.

    Only if a client wants a site that is dynamic… do I look into these CMSes.

    It a sad thing to note that startups in Zim have turned into nothing more than WordPress sites.

  2. Munyar

    Question! From your experience which one is the best CMS. I have been using Joomla for websites and WordPress for blogging. They have both worked exceptional for me. Joomla is more dynamic though have not explored what it has to offer.

  3. Bhekimpilo Ncube

    the point that people miss is that developing in wordpress (which i am a guru in), joomla or drupal is not downloading the framework and then looking for a free or cheap theme to use. it is way more than this. developing in these frameworks demands understanding the meat and potatoes of the framework and creating your own variations and additions that work for the purpose of your project. if you read closely the documentation of these projects you will note that they are meant to be highly customizable and well if you are clever enough you let them be the basis of your dynamic web application development. participating in these projects and understanding the code they run on is what is important. in answer to you Munyar, explore and decide on what you will fall in love with. a CMS is as dynamic only as far as you allow yourself to take. i say this because i have a working knowledge of all three top CMSes and even more!