The TeleCash mobile money API: Here’s how to get access

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Telecash-logo-LOW-RES-01When we posted yesterday’s article on the launch of the Telecash mobile money API, a lot of comments and requests came in with developers asking for the API documentation and how they could get start working with it right away. Telecel Mobile Financial Services IT Manager, got in touch with us this morning to provide some details.

Here’s part of his email:

We noticed there is a keen interest in Developers getting access to the API and Documentation.

For TeleCash, Inter-operability is one of our main strategies and has been whole-heartedly embraced as a key ingredient in the future of any electronic funds platform.
In order to ensure TeleCash customers benefit from the maximum possible convenience, security and value for money.

We invite all businesses and developers interested in integrating to our TeleCash API to send through their detailed profiles to the following email address



  1. Trevor Sibanda

    AH ! Are you and Telecel serious ???

  2. Khal Drogo

    they should join Github repository

  3. lavhu

    does it mean they are still in some kind of beta stage. why cant they open it up like a real fkn API