Here’s an opportunity for you to give Econet a piece of your mind about their service

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

For anyone with customer care grievances getting your voice heard as a single consumer is always difficult, especially in an environment where it seems that poor service is largely accepted as the order of business. Econet Wireless seems to be working on that issue through a customer survey that should help highlight their weaknesses.

I happened to be in one of the Econet stores and i saw a paper inviting me to share my thoughts by following the link The survey gives you an opportunity to evaluate the type of service received from the store or from a call centre agent.

While I obviously took advantage of the opportunity and aired my grievances (slow service, unsatisfactory responses) my skepticism still rests with how seriously these surveys are taken. Who’s to say that the trends they uncover will be acted on? After all, it seems the same issues that have been complained about before keep popping up.

In spite of all of this its commendable that Econet is making an effort to understand what we are unhappy about as subscribers. The MNO has also been very responsive to complaints raised through social media. A look at their Facebook page bears testimony to this.

The attention customer concerns also extends to their online support. They have a very reliable online assistance platform  which seems to have a faster response than queuing to get through to a customer care agent on the 111 number.

All this is following reports made last week regarding the upgrades they have made to their call centre technology. Econet enlisted the telecoms support company Jasco to implement more robust call centre technology. Known as Avaya technology the solution offers voice, email and social media channels for customer interaction.

I just hope that whether it’s through a survey, email, phone call or online response centre Econet takes time to act on issues that i might have with their service.



  1. Farai

    Today’s customers/subscribers/passenger are a fussy lot. They now look at service and goods in more detail than ever before. With say a network outage of 5 minutes, subscribers can flood the lines with complaints. But unfortunately, it is part of the deal. Here in SA, the MNO’s are always on the receiving end. No one is free from complaints. All those MON Facebook pages are the same, just different branding and promos. Econet will have to pull a big one if they think they can do better. Improve yes but those old issues and complaints will forever circulate in that customer care department.

    1. Tongs

      Well Farai it’s better than giving them money and being treated like rubbish quietly. If people are complaining then clearly the service needs to be improved

  2. tinotenda

    we need more network boosters in gweru….ther are a lot of students and it seems as if the network is being overloaded…please assist as soon as possible