Facebook is down. (Update: and it’s back)

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Normally, Facebook is the place where we complain about services like WhatsApp, Twitter and others being down. Today it’s the reverse. Facebook, the largest social media network globally, is down. If you try to access Facebook right now from a desktop, as confirmed by several people in tweets and WhatsApp messages, you will get the following screen:


We’re not clear exactly how widespread this is geographically, or what exactly is wrong with Facebook, and how long it’s likely to las, but we will sure be updating this story as we understand more.

Update: Facebook is now back up. The downtime last about 30 minutes from what we could tell at leas. We’re still not clear what exactly caused the problem.


  1. fourwallsinaroom

    and its back!

  2. Gazprom

    Facebook was attacked on 19 June from China the site was knocked out via DDoS. I have a live feed of how the attack took place thanks to norse software I watched it live as it happened