Telecel Go tariffs will disrupt the voice call space if made permanent

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Telecel Go: Telecel's prepaid service brand
Telecel Go: Telecel’s prepaid service brand

The new Telecel Go brand and promotion has added yet another chapter to the tariff wars which we have now come to accept as part of an increasingly competitive telecoms terrain. Judging from the tariffs adopted by Telecel they have managed to offer the best deal in town yet.

For the first time subscribers are given the option to select either one of two plans being offered by the Telecel Go plan and if they are not warming up to that they can still hold on to the same Mega Bonus Reloaded schedule they have been accustomed to.

The real kicker is the significant tariff reduction which gives users of the Go Juic’r six minutes from a dollar and up to 10 minutes per dollar on the Telecel Go Flexi plan to call anyone on any network. Through voice bundles subscribers on Telecel Go can buy bundles that offer a guaranteed 10 minutes for one dollar for calls to all networks.

A cross network tariff reduction of such proportions for the large pre-paid subscriber base has definitely given the other operators something to chew on. The best deals from NetOne and Econet have been call reductions to calls on the same network, with no termination fees. Recently we had Econet offering a weekends/public holidays only promo for its post paid subscribers as a cross network special.

According to their press release, when Telecel rebranded in 2012, it made innovation, simplicity and offering the best value for money its core values. This appears to have driven the promotions which have accompanied Telecel Go’s launch.

Although this new tariff regime will definitely give Telecel subscribers something to smile about, the fact that it has been packaged as a temporary promotion that will only be made permanent after POTRAZ gives the nod is a bit of a downer. We understand that POTRAZ is finalising it’s Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) tariff modelling and it’s due mid-year.

If POTRAZ’s modelling agrees with Telecel’s drive for lower tariffs by giving Telecel the nod to change tariffs permanently, then Telecel would have disrupted mobile as we know it.

We can’t want to see what the other network operators are going to offer their subscribers to match Telecel Go at any level.

You can download Telecel Go’s full Press Release here


  1. Magneto

    Please do us your usual comparison with the other players (would also help now to include the VoIP services including vanaAfricom)… cheers

  2. bbm user

    econet wanted to reduce call tariffs and Potraz yakaramba , WHY Telecel
    ichipihwa promotions and Econet Ichirambirwa those promotions???.

    Econet had something similar last year Potraz yakaramba, Hanzi we are protecting the subscribers hamheno kuti protecting who, who doesnt want to call zvakachipa

    By the way Telecel yane License here ?

    Potraz takes sides full stop

  3. Nash

    I think it should be with “no termination” and not “with not termination “. Otherwise Interesting article, and happily enjoying the benefits of the “mobile price war”.