Telecel Go: The brand Telecel is looking to introduce for it’s prepaid service

Tendai Mupaso Avatar


Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator by subscribers, Telecel, is set to brand its prepaid service to “Telecel Go”, Techzim sources have revealed.

Telecel Go will be the equivalent of Econet’s prepaid service called Buddie. Since the death of Telecel’s Mango, the company has gradually introduced branded suites of products aimed at different market segments. First they introduced Telecel Red, a contract service for individualsfollowed by Telecel Business, a contract service for business leaving the prepaid service as the only unbranded offer.

An industry source also revealed to Techzim that Telecel Go will come with some “economic benefit” to prepaid customers in the form of reduced tariffs. We also understand that Telecel Go was due for launch a week ago but this may have failed to happen because POTRAZ is yet to approve Telecel Go’s permanent reduced tariff proposals.


  1. Robert Ndlovu

    right they can re brand a million times,What users want is service
    availability and reliability and increased data speeds and capacity NOT
    these lip stick changes.

  2. PC

    The Telecel people are just an embarrasing lot to me. They lack vision and initiatives. So someone tell me something here: Econet calls their pre-paid service Buddie, and so Telecel (along those lines ) want to re-brand theirs Telecel Go!; Earlier on:- The Econet people called their cash transfer service Eco-CASH. And once again along the same lines THE MORONS at Telecel called their money transfer service Tele-CASH… Please! With all due respect! The imitation is just over the top!