Samsung introduces new premium audio products

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SamsungLevelLifestyleImage-Samsung recently announced the introduction of a new range of premium mobile audio products called Level. This product range will include Level Over (over-the-ear headphones), Level On (on-ear headphones), Level In (in-ear phones), and Level Box (Bluetooth Speaker).  All four products will allow users to take calls while listening to any type of audio and ensure the best sound clarity during their call.

Samsung-Line-COVER-2Level Over is the flagship model. The over-ear noise cancelling headphones feature superior HD organic sound, touch controls on the side, and wireless Bluetooth pairing. Users can swipe up and down on the right speaker pad to adjust the volume, swipe forward or backward to change tracks, and tap the pad to pause/play.


LEVEL-ON-WHTLevel On is the smaller headphone edition which will not have noise cancelling and wireless capabilities. These are likely to cause a smaller dent on your pocket and have a strong emphasis on comfort.  They are designed to provide a full range of natural sound.



SMSNG LEVEL INLevel In are the ear buds that are touted as providing  “an immersive sonic environment for any activity with a powerful three-way speaker, letting users enjoy rich sounds that cover all the low, mid, and high sound naturally and with clear sound separation.”



LEVEL-BOXLevel Box is the compact Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to phones with Near Field Communications (NFC) by tapping against it. It also allows the user to accept or reject calls.


The launch has been scheduled for mid-May of this year in most global markets, which is just a couple of weeks for any excited fans. Judging from how quickly the flagship Galaxy S5 found its way into the country we are bound to see this product range in stores as soon as it’s released. While pricing has not yet been determined it’s likely that this product range will not come cheap.

Samsung’s entry into this highly competitive segment will see it face off against players such as established market leaders Beats Electronics with its hugely successful Beats by Dre product line as well as the offerings from Skull Candy and Soul.

Even though competitive pricing might be the fastest way to cut into this market, Samsung seems to be focused on its ability to integrate related consumer products. Assuming it flexes its muscle in this domain through a smart integration of its expansive product range, other producers like Beats Electronics are likely to be given a run for their money.

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  1. Drogo

    I think Samsung has innovation on the component level. Samsung already makes clothing. Search Cheil Industries. In fact, Samsung have been making textiles way before electronics. I don’t think many non-Koreans actually grasp how big Samsung Group is. They own department stores, theme parks, hotels, fashion brands, construction companies, shipyards, consumer automobiles, rifles, armoured vehicles, insurance, banking, logistics, supermarkets, chemicals etc etc. Every product category you can think of, Samsung is in the market. Heck, even the Burj Dubai was built by Samsung. It’s not just SEC that owns 20% of SK’s GDP; it’s the entire Samsung Group. SEC is just the largest subsidiary.