Huawei and Ministry of ICT to host a forum promoting tech development

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Huawei LogoThe Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal & Courier Services will be hosting a public sector ICT forum, The Zimbabwe Public Sector ICT Forum 2014, in collaboration with Huawei Technologies, a leading global ICT company from China. This is taking place on Thursday the 3rd of April 2014 at the HICC from 8AM to 5PM.

Participants will be drawn from all Ministries, and State owned enterprises (SOEs). Huawei will invite ICT experts to share their successful stories from all over the world, with particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), so as to enable delegates to extend their knowledge on how to leverage ICT for socio-economic development.

The key objectives of the forum include spreading the ICT knowledge and tech skills that promote sustainable socio- economic development for national development, providing Zimbabweans with an opportunity to interact with specialists and the sharing of practical experiences of ICT applications.

This forum comes at a time when the government is set to initiate a broader participation of ICT in the economic turnaround of the country. As was highlighted in the country’s economic plan, Zim ASSET, the ICT sector is one of the key participants in kick-starting the country’s turnaround plan.

The state plan is supposed to be made possible by improving connectivity for the population, introducing  e-Government to enhance state efficiency, enhancing e-learning and conducting ICT Research and Development.

To their credit the government seems to be chasing up these objectives through the involvement of the right partners.  The Zimbabwe Public Sector ICT Forum is being sponsored by Huawei and the Ministry of ICT is planning another forum in collaboration with ZTE.  While all of this is a strong indication of alliances the important issue will be harnessing these partnerships to actually get work done.

The strategic encroachment of these Chinese players into the Zimbabwean tech space, politically or otherwise, is a good display of the firebrand capitalist tendencies that have worked well in establishing them as major players.  It will be good to see our government making the most of these alliances with these providers that have strong track records regionally and globally.

Huawei, a sponsor of this public sector forum, is a strong player in state projects involving ICT throughout Africa having carried out e-government and e-education in east, west and southern Africa. Locally the company has been a key facilitator of mobile and telecommunications projects through Netone and Telone.

This is a copy of the programme for the public sector forum.


  1. Drogo

    Huawei and ZTE are always accused of stealing trade secrets and collaborating with the Chinese government to steal people personal data.

  2. k lol

    come on the americans fear competition that’s why they spread such stupid rumors