e-Learning Solutions rolls out Digital Skills Passport training to organisations for free

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Itai Masimirembwa, CEO of e-Learning Solutions
Itai Masimirembwa, CEO of e-Learning Solutions

This morning local learning solutions provider, e-Learning Solutions,  hosted a breakfast meeting to showcase a product that they are set to roll out to Zimbabwean public and private enterprises called the Digital Skills Passport.

The Passport is a certification aimed at honing a candidate’s ICT skills and e-Learning solutions has offered free training to all organisations that are willing to sign on its personnel, provided there is a commitment to certify each participant. The cost of certification has been set at $10 for each module.

There are two variants of the passport, with one focused on basic skills and the second variant branded as The Digital Skills Professional version.

For the basic skills version skills such as social networking, web sharing and digital files are covered in seven modules. The Professional Skills Passport has ten modules that cover areas such as social media, word processing, computer security, productivity management and databases.

The Digital Skills Passport is endorsed by Intel Education, Microsoft, and Cisco and was adapted from educational service providers in Ireland.

Speaking at the event, e-Learning Solutions CEO Itai Masimirembwa highlighted the importance of adaption to the dynamics of the 21st century with regards to skills improvement and filling the Digital Skills Gap. He emphasised the importance of public and private sector investment in tech skills development to ensure a relevance in 21st century demands that the country is yet to address.

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