DStv targeting women and children? How about they package by content type

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DStv is said to be moving to broadcast more content targeting woman and children according to a report in ZimboJam. The report quotes MultiChoice Zimbabwe’s PR manager Elizabeth Dziva saying, “A wide range of the DStv platform is now geared to the needs of these segments (women and young people) and this will continue to grow in months and years ahead, complementing the wide range of opportunity available for the male audience”.

According to the ZimboJam report, channels that are aimed primarily at women include E! Entertainment, TLC, The Food Network, and Fashion TV . Dziva continues by saying, “It’s a win-win for everyone, ensuring that all sections of the viewing public gain satisfaction and enjoyment from their DStv experience”.

We’re not sure with the context of the article but it is apparent that in the recent past, DStv has been, for one reason for the other, increasing “less menly” content.

In 2013, ESPN went off DStv bouquet for reasons beyond their control but they did nothing to appease the loss of this sports channel popular with men.

Many will disagree with the last statement made by Dziva. Some are of the opinion that DStv should be flexible on packages and give people the chance to choose their content type. Due to diverse interests, many subscribers find themselves paying for packages with two thirds of the channels they have no interest in. There is no satisfaction gained here and it’s certainly not a win-win for everyone.

In their defense, it seems like DStv has to “package” the channels to manage the costs associated with acquiring the content. Granted, this may be necessary but this has always left a subscriber holding on to a service that can only offer partial fulfillment of viewing needs. They certainly need to rethink their packaging model currently is based on income and not content segments.



  1. dstvsuxballs

    DStv so much more money ……

  2. Farai Sairai

    That’s why I stopped subscribing to DSTV. So much more repeats and junk!

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      Just curious,what do you subscribe to now?

      1. Farai Sairai

        I subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

  3. Drogo

    DSTV just sucks, you watch the same old programs over and over again, thank GOD that I nolonger waste my hard earned money on that, but now rather buy some more bandwidth.