Software agency, IDPR Extreme launches TED talk like initiative in Harare

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On Thursday last week, a new promising initiative in the country tech ecosystem called The Tech Lair organized its inaugural event called The Tech Lair Meetup, The Opening at Harare Club in Harare. The Tech Lair is the brainchild of IDPR Extreme and its main purpose is to organize TED like talks were tech enthusiasts discuss, debate and demonstrate technology. IDPR Extreme is a local software and web development agency located in Newlands.The meetups will happen on the second Thursday of each month and the first edition was sponsored by IDPR Extreme, Itopia design, Muzinda Umuzi Hub, ZNCC, KK Entertainment and Archie Bishops Photography.

In a messaging stream IDPR Extreme elaborated more about their new initiative.

THE TECH LAIR is a meetup for technology enthusiast from all walks of life. We do not close this network to IT people only but we also want to incorporate other tech fanatics i.e. the consumers of tech products. The main agenda here is to provide an intersection where the developer and consumer can meet and exchange ideas. For example developers can get info about how user friendly their app or system is to the lay man. The consumer can also get a deeper insight as to what is the scope of an app. As our mission states we are there to INFORM, NETWORK and COLLABORATE. We want to inform Zimbabwe about what technologies are out there for us to utilize. We intend to network tech enthusiast from various walks so as to ensure better technology development in Zimbabwe. We also hope that through networking we can see and develop collaborations in various projects due to common goals or interests amongst different developers.

The main purpose of these meetups is to have an informal setup such that everyone feels free to elaborate their thoughts without feeling intimidated by tech guru’s or being patronized either way. This is supposed to create a better atmosphere for meaningful data collection for the developers

At  The Tech Lair first meetup, there were two keynote speakers namely, Tawanda Kembo who is the Technical Co-ordinator for Muzinda Umuzi Hub as well as Sam Takunda the founder of Pay4App  and many other startups.

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