Loads of Storage Space With SanDisk’s new 128GB MicroSD Card

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The recently ended Mobile World Congress was a hub of innovation and several players in the tech world took the opportunity to show off their next offerings. One remarkable product was the new microSD card from SanDisk with an astounding 128GB capacity. This is twice the capacity of the market’s previous best offering of 64GB which seemed like an enormous feat in its own right.

The SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card is designed for use with the numerous compatible mobile devices, which in this case are predominantly Android based. The manufacturer or SanDisk also gave assurances that the MicroSD card operates at faster speeds than any other micro storage offering. 

The card has been rated as Class 10, which classifies the speed of data transfer and in this case translates to a speed of 10MB/second. With this lightning fast speed and the acres of space, the card is fully certified for HD and you can pack away 24 hours of full HD video.

The thorny issue that comes with this offering is the hefty price tag. At US$200 this microSD card is definitely priced beyond the reach of the average consumer. That amount is enough to pick up a decent smartphone and paying that much for an add-on would be considered an extravagance.

The microSD card’s waning relevance is also an issue, particularly in a world moving towards cloud storage. A look at trends in the evolution of mobile device internal storage also suggests a progression to larger capacities. Apple, for example, put out a 128GB iPad Air with their iPhone 5S doubling internal capacity to 64GB from a previous 32GB with the iPhone 4. The HTC One stands at 32GB storage which also marks a jump from previous internal storage space. In the not so distant future this trend, plus cloud storage might just make it less and less important to rely on microSD cards.

Whatever the case, SanDisk’s latest display deserves a lot of praise for pushing the envelope in storage.



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    US$200 – very prohibitive