Android users can now remove “last seen” notification on WhatsApp

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Whatsapp-Icon-Logo-297x300The guys at WhatsApp have made some changes to the application that will definitely please a lot of users keen on privacy. You can now determine who views your “Last Seen” status, your profile photo as well as your status by adjusting your privacy settings.

For users of Android devices all you have to do is go to your settings tab. You then Select the Account option and under this select the first tab marked Privacy. Under this you will get the list of options of who can see your personal information which includes “Last Seen”, Profile Photo and Status. Selecting any of these will give you options for Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. You can then adjust your settings to suit your preferences.

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Users of WhatsApp on Apple devices have always been able to make changes to the “Last Seen” status under the Chat Settings’ Advanced tab.

These updates on the privacy settings are active on the latest version of the WhatsApp (Version 2.11.184) and are definitely a welcome improvement. I’m sure this will bring a sigh of relief to users not comfortable with having to be spotted as active at any given point in time. It looks like now you don’t have to be accused of ignoring someone’s chats. Not having to share your profile photo and your status with users outside your contacts list also adds an element of privacy that should have also been there from the beginning.

Maybe the WhatsApp team is taking cues on user privacy from its new parent company Facebook. Hahaha, what are the chances?

Whatever the case, these updates has definitely brought about welcome changes to the application.

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  1. Gweja

    Well done Zuckerburg. Best news ever!!

  2. MhukaHuru

    Was long overdue, want to stop HER from seeing that part!

  3. Alu Moyo

    About a month later guys – but better late than never. You forgot to mention the pay for a friend feature . it WILL become crucial come June/July this year. They officially stopped the “endless renewals” thing around June/July last year and gave everybody who was already using it a FULL YEAR. So for some whatsapp users, WINTER IS COMING in more ways than one.

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      Lol! “Winter is Coming!” You have been watching too much G.o.T @disqus_Jpt1QQr9DR:disqus !!!

    2. Lindsey

      Are you sure they stopped it? I got a message last week when I updated my whatsapp saying that my subscription ends April 2015. It would’ve ending this year April haha 🙂

      1. Farai Sairai

        Mine just got renewed to April 2015 too….:D

  4. Kraken

    What about muted group’s not showing notifications on the notification bar?? How long is this going to take to implement!! 🙁

    1. Lindsey

      Exit or mute the group

  5. Gweja

    Just noticed that even if you block everyone from seeing your “last seen” thingy, when you are ONLINE, Whatsapp will show you as ONLINE. Still trying to get my head over this.

    1. Guest

      it doesn’t. just give it time to propagate the change, and you will see your last seen will be the point when you implemented the setting.

      1. k2793

        if we disable ‘last seen’ will the timestamp show ‘online’ wen i am actually chatting or online?

        1. Kamal Bhaatia

          Ys, it will show online when you are actually online or chatting

  6. SoTypMe

    Also noticed that I can now switch numbers I use on Whatsapp from within the application. Feature never used to be available on Android. Not sure which update introduced that convenience

    1. Farai Sairai

      This feature was there but not public. All you needed to do was put new sim card and Whatsapp just kept on working. No need to re-register and have multiple WA accounts.

      1. Geode

        It wasn’t exactly a hidden feature. I don’t understand how he/she failed to find it, but there are many situations where you may need to be unavailable on your usual number but still reachable on WA on a different number, e.g. on holiday or while travelling abroad…

  7. Kamal Bhaatia

    Okay we can hide ‘Last seen’ but same time we can not see when my contact has seen whatsapp last. Also if I am online my contacts can see that I am online. So there is not much benefit. Also we can not hid it from selected contacts. Hide profile picture is good feature but again it can be done either for all the contacts or for none.

  8. Gweja

    Anyone noticed that you can now pay for someone’s whatsapp renewal? View the contact under whatsapp and click options.

  9. Apple

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  10. latoya

    If someone is last seen at. A particular time and the last seem times are chronological throughout the day…does that mean they are just online but not active? As in not actually chatting with anyone else?

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  12. Emile

    Hi colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what you want to say concerning this post, in my view its truly remarkable designed for

  13. prem

    Can i see a persons ‘last seen’ when he has not accepted me as his friend and he has kept the privacy option ‘last seen’ only to his contacts.

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Guys,,Why this is important to hide the last seen,,Could someone explain me please ?? for what purpose

  15. paul anthony

    dont really understand whats private bout a time dont feel the need for my friends not to know its just a time hardly an invasion of privacy if your hiding it you cant be that trust worthy a friend

    1. meanie

      there is no real need to hide it at end of the day less the person who wishes to hide aint much of a friend in the first place

  16. paul anthony

    in my view its totally ridiculous

  17. Imran attar

    can you tell me how to remove last seen tag on facebook

    1. meanie

      yeah delete facebook lol

  18. meanie

    privacy my big fat butt if your hiding your time your all nothing but
    cheating scum or a lil paranoid