Econet Services to launch EcoSchool in 2 days time

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ecoschoolThat Econet has been working on a new Econet Services product called EcoSchool has been public knowledge for at least a couple of months now. The group’s founder and chairman Strive Masiyiwa made the announcement back in November last year. However, when EcoSchool would actually launch hasn’t been so clear. Well, until now.

We have been invited to an event the company will be hosting at the University of Zimbabwe this Friday and the title of the invite is: Launch of EcoSchool. And the rest goes:

EcoSchool is a new platform offered by Econet that, through the use of the latest technology, such as learning apps and e-books, will significantly boost our education system.  The event will be attended by UZ staff, students, government officials and ambassadors….

In terms of the specifics of the service or product, we will just go with what Masiyiwa suggested back in November:

This platform allows us to collect thousands of books, used by students in African schools, colleges, and universities, as well as course material, and put them on a platform, where they can be accessed on a special, low cost tablet, we call the “EcoSchool tablet”, or even a cheap smartphone.

We’re curious to see how they solved the problem of educational material that is relevant for the local curriculum and syllabi. However they do, if they nail it, students may finally have a course relevant digital tools that are (hopefully) accessible at low cost as promised.

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  1. cmzizi

    If the Tablets are affordable to the regular Zimbabwean im sure its gonna be a success.