The 2013 ICT Ministry achievers awards winners

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar
Sam Kundishora, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of ICT and Courier Services, speaks at the awards ceremony

We’re just from this year’s Zimbabwe ICT Achievers awards ceremony which was held in Harare at the University of Zimbabwe. The awards, which are hosted by the Ministry of ICT and Courier Services, are meant to recognise outstanding performance by people and companies in the sector. As the ministry is not just tech now, there’s a courier company award this year.

Here are the 2013 winners:

Top ICT Supportive Bank of the Year: Steward Bank

Top ICT Enabled Courier Company of the Year: Courier Connect

Top ICT Educator of the year (Individual or Institution): Chinhoyi University of Technology

Top ICT Rural school of the year: Marange High School

Top ICT Urban School of the Year: St Christophers from Gwanda

Top ICT Project Of The Year (Private Sector):  NetOne network expansion project

Top ICT Project Of The Year (Public Sector): Chartered Systems Integration

Top ICT Young Innovator of the Year: Munyaradzi Gwatidzo

Top ICT Journalist of the year: Tonderai Rutsito

Top ICT User Ministry of the Year: Ministry of Foreign Ministry

Top Public Sector Website of the Year: Natural History Museum

Top ICT Web Developer of the Year (Individual /company): Sadomba Mahari Computers

Top ICT Business Woman Of the Year: Divine Ndhlukula

Top ICT Business Man Of the Year: Douglas Mboweni

Top ICT Company Of The Year: Econet Wireless Zimbabwe


  1. mukuru263

    These awards mean nothing to me! They have no credibility at all.

  2. tinm@n

    And courier services? WTF?…

    That said,courier connect has nothing on FedEx,DHL or even World Express.

    It would help if u said WHAT project it is that CSI got an award for.

    No comment on the rest like top Web dev award…cough,cough. One nomination maybe. Sorry but the websites are nowhere close to what zimbos have been producing

    1. ZIMRA

      For your own information CSI won the award for the ZIMRA online Payments (ZOP) System. Which is by far the biggest payment gateway in this country. ZOP interconnects all the banks and boarder post to ZIMRA and facilitates your tax and reconciliation payments.

      1. Member

        I want to know how CSI previuosly won an award as Top web developer last year when they did not have any web design portfolio?

        1. WebMaster

          Let me clarify your misconceptions. CSI won the award in 2011 for Web Developer company of the year. At that time CSI had at least 12 clients that it done more than just websites but web portals that are integrated to back-end systems of these entities. For your own information SharePoint development is considered to be part of web development. CSI had done numerous SharePoint deployments at the time of getting the award.
          CSI has also won international awards from Microsoft and the European Society of Quality Research for similar work. All these organisations can’t be biased and just favour CSI. For your own satisfaction you can ask ZIMRA, Securities and Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe, Parliament of Zimbabwe etc. I have worked with CSI for the past 5 years. There have clients in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, USA, UK, India and UAE. I guess you knew that as well ??

      2. Pindile Mhandu

        So I guess ZimSwitch and Ecocash qualify for the same award that CSI won. is it?

        1. WebMaster

          Of course not that’s why there is Private sector category. Have you had a look at the categories at all or you are just ignorant ?

  3. Pindile Mhandu

    Who were the judges that came up with the winners list?

    1. WebMaster

      There were no judges who came up with the winners list. The results were audited by an independent reputable audit firm which is part of the big four. Are you satisfied now ?

  4. GudoGuru
  5. ICT

    And they actually think a Journalist has to be writing for the Herald or Sunday Mail. ICT people oblivious of the digital medium where we have journalist way better!

  6. zanupftothedogs

    this is a ridiculous list

  7. JP

    IT’S A FARCE!!

  8. kay

    Looks like the winners are chosen at random from a list or from a raffle draw?

  9. Joe Black

    Divine Ndhlukula runs a security company. How the flick does she get an ICT award? Tipei ma serious, the sector will never develop with these jokers at the helm.

  10. Vic

    What happened to the Top NGO ICT educator group? I wish the adjudicators at least engaged with all those who will have made a submission than to just come up with a winners list!

  11. Nzou Samanyanga

    To be eligible you have to pay a fee. Its a common financing mechanism of awards of this nature. Otherwise who in their right mind would waste time giving out awards when the cost of doing so is not covered?

  12. Antony Masocha

    l have stopped caring about these useless awards long back.They mean null

  13. Knowledge

    Too much jokers in ICT sector. From the minister downwards!!

  14. Knowledge

    NetOne network expansion project – buying equipment and expanding network are two different things. They should have added “public” to the award name!! Just saying

  15. Phidza

    i visited and what i see is not an award winning website but i could be wrong maybe the sites they develop for their clients are of a higher pedigree,