MultiChoice Zimbabwe launches DStv Explora Decoder at $445

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MultiChoice Zimbabwe Executive demoing the new DStv Explora
MultiChoice Zimbabwe Executive demoing the new DStv Explora

MultiChoice Africa’s local franchise, MultiChoice Zimbabwe yesterday launched its next-generation PVR decoder, the DStv Explora at an event held in Harare. The DStv Explora gives a wide range of additional control and personalisation features that enhance DStv viewing experience.

DStv Marketing Manager Gerald Ngonyamo said the key feature on the DStv Explora is the 2 terabyte storage space that gives viewers 220 hours’ worth of recorded content. MultiChoice has also expanded the number of series available and now also introduces series stacking making two episodes of selected series available on demand, later to be expanded to four episodes.

The DStv Explora was released in South Africa by MultiChoice SA back in August and started trickling through the rest of the Southern African markets over the past few weeks.

Speaking to Techzim, MultiChoice Zimbabwe General Manager Norman Raisbeck said Zimbabwe was the last to among Southern Africa to release the DStv Explora because they had no stock available.

The main talking point is obviously the local pricing of the DStv Explora. At $445 excluding LNB, it is significantly higher than the South African price, which is under R2500 ($241.45).

Mr Raisbeck said as with subscriptions, MultiChoice South Africa has a different pricing model to MultiChoice Africa which also subsidises the price of decoders. He also said that since the decoders are manufactured in South Africa, duties and transport costs also have a bearing on the local pricing.

Given the proximity to South Africa, Zimbabwean dealers had already started bringing in the DStv Explora through unofficial channels and this official local price will unlikely deter them.

Mr Raisbeck acknowledged that this (importing through unofficial channels), including locals subscribing via MultiChoice South Africa is a concern but there is little that MultiChoice Zimbabwe can do because MultiChoice South Africa runs independently. The fact that MultiChoice South Africa and MultiChoice Zimbabwe run on the same same satellite also means that Zimbabweans can have access to MultiChoice South Africa bouquets that are generally cheaper and offer more channels.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe is MultiChoice Africa franchisee owned by a local company called Skynet (trading as MultiChoice Zimbabwe). MultiChoice Zimbabwe receives a monthly commission from MultiChoice Africa for managing local subscriptions.


  1. Batman

    Exorbitant price

  2. stevejj5

    multichoice zimbabwe greedy!

  3. Wedlock Pristine Maduku

    I purchased the Explora 2 months ago for R2300 in SA (Specifically Game) and went on to register it that side. Can anyone tell me or justify what pushes the price from a retail price of R2300 ($230) to $445. Interestingly, the same decoder in Cape Town is selling at the same price of R2300 which is far from Joburg than Joburg-Harare. Is it the duty which pushes this price up to this much or its pricing model of Multi Choice Zim. I personally offer to supply the same decoder at $270 cash if anyone is interested

    1. HD PVR

      i agree with you dude! This is just greed at its worst, thats why i am going to be subscribing in SA from January after purchasing my HD PVR.

    2. Morris Chesnuit

      Vanotopenga ne price yavo. Ndokwira ka bus hangu $40 to Joburg $40 kudzoka ndotenga $200.. vanotopenga ve Multichoice Zimbabwe

  4. Pride Chinembiri

    $445 is too much, rather go and buy down south these multichoice zimbabwe guys just want to cash in on new gadgets. At R2300 it’s duty free if you purchase it yourself.

  5. dontlie

    yes, if you remove SA vat and retail margin off SA price, you probably end up with FOB +/- USD 190 / unit in SA (if not less) . Add 15% VAT here = +/- $220 . It certainly DOES NOT cost another $ 225 on top to ship/clear these units. We are being used and taken for granted again here by Multichoice/DSTV. they must think we are really dumb in Zimbabwe ?! they cannot justify this price – its all lies sorry!!

    1. tinm@n

      you left out a small % for duty(they import in bulk) and logistics (shipment & insurance,admin). Something between 250 and 310+/- 20 would be fair per unit.

      1. Tapiwa ✔

        Fair price? hah! You charge what the market will bear. Clearly Multichoice believe that the market is segmented differently in Zim compared to S.A., with the top end of the market being able to bear significantly more. Not that I agree with their thinking, but I can see where they are coming from.

  6. Langton

    MultiChoice Zimbabwe is MultiChoice Africa franchisee owned by a local company called Skynet (trading as MultiChoice Zimbabwe). MultiChoice Zimbabwe receives a monthly commission from MultiChoice Africa for managing local subscriptions. – No wonder why DSTV facilities are exorbitant in ZIM!

  7. Raymond Swart

    Seriously when will these guys realize that they need to concentrate on connecting people to their services rather than trying to make money off equipment sales. DSTV is becoming outdated and unless they shift the way they think will be a has been in a few years to come when NETFLIX is a reality in the countries they are exploiting.

  8. Francis

    These comments are a reflection of individuals who have no experience running a corporate entity in Zimbabwe that actually pays all the required taxes, duties and associated costs whenever importing any goods. Comparing an individual who travels across the border and buys a subsidised decoder to a company buying, insuring, shipping and paying duties as the same thing is grossly inaccurate. A small percentage for duty? Really?

    1. Francis

      Having been in SA recently one notes that the prices in SA are generally cheaper than the prices in Zimbabwe. I am sure there is some element of profiteering however the prevailing cost of doing business in Zimbabwe accounts for most of these “exhorbitant” prices.

    2. garbage

      rubbish, i have run entities that have and continue to import and retail/distribute since 2000. the only reason your cost of doing business is too high is probably because you or your other shareholders are trying to milk it and get rich quick. people like me will kill your goose that used to lay your golden eggs. keep trying the old way of doing business and see how long you last going forward into 2014!! goodbye and good luck

      1. Brad Nhari

        i like that!

    3. Observer

      The cost of doing business in Zim is certainly high but some corporates obviously take advantage of a supplicant market with little or no choice.

  9. purple

    the difference is just too much….for that i could take a bus ride to Mesina and come back with change

    1. Anonymous

      you can get it at a special price of 1800 Rands why pay exorbitant price thats greed at its best Good luck multichoice because of your name we have multi choices to make when buying the explora

  10. greedyPigs

    You cant even get FTA channels on this new explora or even the pvr, so why bother

  11. kb

    U cn get BP by the pricing of food and electricals in Zimbabwe

  12. zimbo 59

    yoyoyoyoyo. Ngayigare

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  14. ec

    its going for R1800 in SA right now. Zim is after fundraising worse off providing the poorest services you can ever get