EcoCash platform provider, Mahindra Comviva, wins another global award

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar
Mahindra Comviva executives received Meffys Award. Image via: Mahindra Comviva

So this has been a great year for Mahindra Comviva and EcoCash. The mobiquity platform that runs EcoCash, and more specifically, the EcoCash implementation of Mobiquity, has won Mahindra Comviva at least 2 other awards this year, including this latest one; a Meffys Award.

Unlike the other two though, the Meffys award was under the Social Responsibility category. According to the Meffys awards website, the category “recognises mobile products, services and initiatives that have had a significant impact on the social and economic development of underserved communities.” The judges however still consider the technical and creative innovation of the solution in addition to the direct social and economic development impact. No doubt, Econet’s (and by extension Mahindra Comviva) significant contribution to financial inclusion via EcoCash played a big role.

The awards were presented in Silicon Valley at MEF Global Forum 2013.