Telecel announces a reduction in mobile broadband dongles price

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Telecel Zimbabwe Headquarters HarareTelecel today announced the reduction of the price of their mobile internet dongles from the $30 to now $25. A press release they sent out a few hours ago says the dongles are high speed and “allow for optimal download and upload speeds”. We got earlier today they were going to introduce some lower prices and we were hoping it’d be the dongle as well as the data rates. So, just the dongle.

It’s not a big reduction considering their competition sells them for $3 more but its good news still as they now effectively sell the cheapest modems in the country. More people can access them! The dongle comes with 300MBs of data, which is no change from the previous offering.

We’re not sure if the modems are networked locked or not but information we have says POTRAZ has instructed that all devices not be network locked.You can read the full press release here.