BlackBerry’s BBM now live for iPhones, Android users to wait a bit longer

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

blackberry-bbmFor iPhone users in a number of regions around the world, BlackBerry’s much anticipated BBM is finally here. The BBM Twitter account tweeted in the past few hours that iPhone users in New Zealand, India, Malaysia, UAE and Australia can now download BBM. The Android version of the IM app is still to come though; BlackBerry says they are working to launch it ASAP. The initial schedule announced had the Android version coming first today, and the iPhone tomorrow.

We’re not sure if this is genuine interest in BBM itself as an IM application, or just non-BlackBerry users curious to take a peek at why BBM was so loved, but whatever it is the anticipation for the WhatsApp alternative is quite high! We are Android too and waiting in there with you. We’ll be updating you once it’s live! In the meantime, make sure you avoid the fakes.


  1. Fungai Machirori

    Please enlighten us on what value this will add to those who already use Whatsapp. Isn’t Whatsapp one of the reasons BBM went out of style (alongside the fact of course, that BlackBerry lost its hold on the smart phone market)?

    1. Tinashe Roy

      Consider the PIN that you can share with only people you want to chat with, adding a sense of privacy for you (Gtalk, facebook, skype serves that though).

      BBM is more secure, from a technical perspective.
      For supported carriers, it can be made free via use of those BBS etc, which are not supported in Zim (for whatever reasons).
      In a nutshell, there won’t be any BBM for Zimbabweans (probably)!

  2. Pindile Mhandu

    The one of many reasons I’ll get BBM is coz the govt cant read my stuff and noone can ask police to retrieve my chats. Other countries don’t have BIS coz of that so now worldwide we will have that privilege.

    1. Tinashe Roy


  3. Tinashe Roy

    I dont get it, what’s with the hype with BBM, we’re already swamped with several sms services, BBM will simply be another pain to add to this! smh!!!

  4. ic0n1c

    No bbm in the us AppStore…