A Chrome extension to check your Africom account balance

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africom-chromeIf you’re an Africom customer you probably find the process of checking your credit balance a bit tedious; you have to go the company’s website, click on balance enquiry to load another website, find the ‘balance enquiry’ link on that site, click it and then finally enter your account number. What if you could do all that in one click right in your browser?

A local startup, Pay4App, just created such a utility and they released it as a Chrome extension. It’s a quick uncomplicated solution to just check your account balance in your browser, and in addition, set an alert for a minimum credit threshold so you can be notified when it’s reached. No doubt, the extension is created to attract you to the main Pay4App payment service, so you can hopefully use the service to buy your credits.

The one security negative is that anyone can check any account, which really a problem on the Africom side than the extension as this is already the case on Africom’s own website. With just a phone number you can check what account balance any user has.

You can download the extension here.


  1. Guest

    Its not going to be working in the next 5 minutes 🙂

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza


    2. SoTypMe

      Okay, that was just weird.

  2. Nick

    Now there’s a company bent on creating useful products. This is better than Guroo 😀