The irony of the Android BBM messaging app in Zimbabwe

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blackberry-comingYou might have heard that after years of making BBM exclusive to BlackBerry device customers only, and then watching the WhatsApps and what nots run with the prize, BlackBerry finally woke up. Well, not really, since they are all but yielding the ghost. Anyway, life onwards or not, BlackBerry decided to open up BBM to other platforms, chiefly Android and IOS, but maybe later Windows as well.

Us Android users can’t wait for it ofcourse, at least just so we can see what all the BBM fuss is about. For BlackBerry devices users in a Zimbabwe where BlackBerry is banned however, it’s a different and, quite frankly, funny story. Here’s how a friend painted the picture for us:

Won’t it be like REALLY sad when BlackBerry is launched on Android and everyone BUT those with BlackBerries will be able to access it in Zimbabwe!!!

Up to now there are a lot of die hard BlackBerry fans out there. You gonna have people who have a handset that they won’t even be able to use its core function, whilst others will be accessing what should be main steam for them


  1. CuriousZimbo

    is bbm actually going to work on android phones in zim?

    1. anthonysomerset

      yes it should – my understanding is that the android and iOS apps have to communicate in a different way rather than the proprietry built-in encryption methods they have available to them within BlackBerry devices

  2. purple

    it would be a shame indeed

  3. john


  4. QG

    ha ha ha ha, bb is dying… they took too long to innovate, i dont really see zimbos moving away from viber and whatsapp just for the heck of it, and whats with having to exchange pins? if i know yo phone number i should be able to IM you, im jus sayin….

  5. tinachiga

    BBM for Android is app and running, BUT, Zimbabwe registered devices don’t seem to be eligible for install. It will say ‘This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.’

  6. Chaz

    BBM working on androids and not working on BB phones locally is like your wife refusing you your conjugal rights yet she sleeps with the whole city

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