Econet to auction vanity phone numbers as it launches new prefix

Garikai Dzoma Avatar

econet-vanity-adEconet recently started an ad campaign for a service that will allow subscribers to obtain vanity telephone numbers under a new cell phone number prefix 078. Information on their website did not reveal when the number prefix would be operational. Econet will be selling at a premium all the easy to remember numbers under the new prefix in a promotion they have dubbed “Know me. Know my number.”

They have divided the numbers into three packages: Unique Platinum, Unique Gold and Unique Silver. The Platinum package consists of the ten phone numbers 0782 000 000- 0782 999 999. These numbers have no fixed price; they will be sold at an auction on a yet to be announced date. These numbers are likely to appeal to big corporations which might use them as call centre numbers for their marketing, sales and customer department numbers.

The Unique Gold package consists of cellphone numbers with repeat sequences. For example three digit sequences such as 0782 222 444, two digit repeat sequences such as 0782 77 22 44 or counting sequences such as 0782 345 678. These numbers are being sold at $89 per number at Econet Shops countrywide. This package would be useful to those smaller companies who are likely to be outbid at Platinum auction.

Numbers under the Unique Silver package are being sold at $39 each. Under this package customers get to choose their own number based on their whims. This might be a birthday so for instance a person born on 20 May 92 might choose the cellphone number 0782 20 05 92 which corresponds to their birthday in the form DDMMYY. This might also allow companies and individuals to match numbers across networks for example if your number was 0733 473 953 you might want to buy 0782 473 953.

For some organisations,businesses and individuals having a telephone number that is easy to remember is not only essential but sometimes part of their Critical Success Factors so the Econet initiative to give people the opportunity to choose their own numbers is to be applauded. One can point to the Emergency Services numbers as an example. They make it easy for people to be able to remember the number and quickly reach them in time of need.

As an aside however we hope Econet uses an online auction platform that will allow for wider participation in the Unique Platinum package auction. Perhaps it will be the catalyst that the Zimbabwean market needs to draw attention the viability of online markets.


  1. cmzizi

    Now the initiative is good but the price hahahaha thats crazy $89????? Madness

    1. ic0n1c

      nOT BAD at all! Considering you can still get the “normal” numbers for $1…

  2. Time

    So the one promotion Econet could think of in this blue moon is one that makes them even more money…Sure good for business but consumer perception shall continue to degrade as Econet is enjoying building this image of a self absorbed monopolistic player in the telecoms industry.

  3. tinm@n

    Happy buying for those who do. Am sure there’s a happy lad/lass getting pats on the back for suggesting this…

    As for me,am like “meh…”

    Carry on,carry on

    1. ic0n1c

      Ha ha ha!

  4. Farai Sairai

    Now one has to buy a number because it looks like 0782 345 678? $89/R890? Man, I think Econet is surely losing the plot somehow, somewhere. I could be wrong. Let’s check this out in a month’s time……

  5. Anti-Bootlicker

    “For some organisations,businesses and individuals having a telephone number that is easy to remember is not only essential but sometimes part of their Critical Success Factors so the Econet initiative to give people the opportunity to choose their own numbers is to be applauded”. Once again over-stating the obvious.

    1. Danny

      What is it supposed to mean? No one will compose an article if people are not permitted from stating this

  6. Joe Black

    Asingade ngaarege kutenga. As with any other product / promo, if it’s out of your reach, why bother complaining about the price? I won’t, because I find the whole idea RIDICULOUS, I won’t participate, so I will sit down and STFU. Regai vanemari vaite 🙂

  7. themarques

    This was quite big in th UK quite a few years ago, you would find the platinum and gold numbers appearing on ebay for thousands of pounds. A quick search on ebay shows it still a thriving business it seems, here is one ad with 23 people watching it. Asking price 3,888 pounds.

  8. Robert Ndlovu

    Chickens coming home to roost .Econet now selling numbers kikikiki .This is just the beginning you aint seen much. Convergence , open source and IMS will make you think of who pays yours bills.

    Am wondering what you will be selling soon ? Its any body’s guess.

    1. Farai Sairai

      At $89/R890 a number, this reminds of back in the days when one had to buy an Econet line for $100! And they Econet were behind reducing the supply to increase the demand. Number porting should be introduced.

  9. Pindile Mhandu

    kutsvaga mari

    1. Pindile Mhandu


  10. Danny

    I have my 0772 220 3.. and I am now selling it for $100, any taker? Its a very noble idea but it just dosent looks right! What an innovation!

  11. ic0n1c

    I am tempted to sell my Telecel line its got the six zeros sequence, and I got it over the counter! Maybe I will set up an online auction and sell it for like $3000 and then…

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  12. Farai

    If only we could port our numbers across networks.

  13. yes

    what are the settings for 078 for internet