Now you can actually start using Microsoft’s Office 365 in Zimbabwe

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

office365-africaWhen two weeks ago we posted that Microsoft had released Office 365 in 9 more African countries including Zimbabwe, we noted that the Software as a Service suite applications was actually not available in these countries. Zimbabwe, Angola, Cameroon, Senegal or any of the other countries were simply not listed on the sign up form. An update we got from Microsoft is that this has been fixed.

“If you go to, you will note that all the countries mentioned in the recent media release are now available on the drop-down menu.” said the email. Users in these countries will get a 4 month (120 days) trial period and no credit card is required to sign up for the trial.

When the 120 trial period expires, a business will have two ways to procure the licenses.They can either pay online using a credit card for any amount or PO/Bank Draft if amount is above US $250. The second way is through Microsoft’s local partners.


  1. Chris Mberi

    I got turned off the moment I could not find Android on compatible mobile devices

  2. Nomachawe Mtana

    This must be one of those funniest moments. How can Zimbabwe use American products whilst they are sanctions by the very same Americans? They should migrate and use Open Source Software such as Linux and LibreOffice, and save millions if not billions of US dollars.

  3. Jenny Stock

    Hi Please can you tell me how I can renew my Microsoft 365 licence for a year