Press Release: Axis Solutions Zimbabwe appointed VMware enterprise partner

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axis-vmwareVMware, the leader in virtualization and cloud solutions, has appointed Zimbabwe-based Axis Solutions as an Enterprise Partner, forming part of its strategy to bolster its skills base across the African continent.

Axis Solutions, headquartered in Harare and with a footprint across the country, is a specialist IT company that focuses on the delivery of value-added technology solutions to customers. The company delivers data centre, backup and storage, security, WAN optimisation and applications services and technologies to customers, as well as a series of specialist solutions such as printers and POS systems, to name a few.

“Axis Solutions have an excellent reputation in Zimbabwe and have made significant investments into growing its VMware skills base, which in turn has resulted in its appointment as an enterprise partner in the region,” states Chris Norton, regional director Southern Africa at VMware. “With its ever expanding footprint across the country we are looking forward to further developing a strategic partnership with the company, and providing its customers access to virtualization and cloud solutions from the VMware portfolio.

In order to attain its enterprise partner status, the Axis Solutions underwent rigorous sales, presales, and technical VMware certifications. This has placed the company in an enviable position, as it is now pitched as one of the leaders in the VMware space in Zimbabwe. As an Enterprise Partner the company is expected to provide its customers access to superior skills and services around the VMware portfolio, which are supported by skills within the business.

“Zimbabwe is full of opportunities and we are seeing a significant growth amongst customers in the business continuity space, in particular amongst the government sector. Other growth areas in the region include virtualisation and disaster recovery,” states Prince Dube, sales and marketing manager at Axis Solutions. “The VMware technology stack presents unique opportunities for us, as we strive to position ourselves as a premium, value-added technology provider of virtualization and cloud solutions in the region.

“As the Zimbabwean market is a cost sensitive one, our customers are looking for technologies that are able to save them money in both hardware and software costs. The VMware technologies enable us to assist them in saving money on IT investments, assist them in going “green” and saving electricity, these are just a few of the immediate benefits,” he adds.

Axis Solutions services a myriad of business sectors throughout Zimbabwe, with a strong presence in the telecommunications arena, other strong portfolios within the business include the mining sector and a growing interest from government for its services.

Press release sent to us by VMware South Africa


  1. Anonymous

    but really what is the benefits of virtualization with VMware, when most companies facing liquidity problems! That’s just my two cents

    1. Zitrix

      Liquidity problems ! Well thats what virtualization seeks to care of.
      The bottom line is to reduce the TCO. Liquidity is another animal we will leave for the CFOs of the our companies

      Its then our job as IT professionals to educate the busines with some of the following points

      We obviously virtualize for efficiency, higher availability, to lower IT operational costs not just for large
      enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too.

      Amongst other things Virtualization lets you:

      Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer
      Consolidate hardware to get vastly higher productivity from fewer servers
      Save 50% or more on overall IT costs
      Speed and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications

      If you are still crying about the cost. You can try out Microsofts Hyper V of Citrix XenServer

      1. Anonymous

        the problem with vmware is that, if the computer acting as the server is down, ALL workstation will be affected! And that risky companies can not take!

        1. Zitrix

          Vmware has got load balancing
          A company with a best practice iT infrastructure will have a Disaster Recovery site rather a business continuity plan such that when one site failes completely the secondary picks up

    2. Ezra TheITGuy

      If companies are facing liquidity problems then vmware is exactly the product that they need to implement, especially considering the size of most companies in Zimbabwe. Companies in Zimbabwe can reduce costs by requiring less hardware so its a no-brainer.

      1. Anonymous

        If server is DOWN, everyone is DOWN! Imagine in a SME, how this can affect business

        1. Ezra TheITGuy

          Thats a possibility yes i admit, bt its a risk that can be taken

          1. Anonymous

            then you understand what I’m saying, companies can not waste money on such technology.

            1. Zitrix

              Its not wasting money. If that SME relies on data they will make plans and inroads to have a Disaster Recovery site that will have automatic failover

              1. Kenneth Mutsena

                Lloyd here is how it can work and you will agree, Those small SME can virtualise their 20 servers on one ESX host and have another server ESX host as standby or even share Virtual Machines… You can have another server with hard drives only to act up a s storage or even a RAID storage device to act as storage. 3 machines in total instead of 20+ servers. Well most SMEs will have 3 servers at least 1x email, 1x DC, 1xFile server then these can take advantage of High Availability, Fault tolerance, DPM ie when one host is not so busy VMware can quickly migrate VMs to the other Hosts and when its busy eg in the morning it can migrate them back thereby saving on power and helping going green… the issue is not about infrastructure cost only… it helps in saving on power costs, “going green”, HA, FT. In the infrastructure everything is visualized ie distributed vSwitch (1 switch virtualized to become over 5 switches for network performance in the data centre), vdisk, vCPU to enhance performance (can a a virtual CPU to enhance performance even when your host has 1 CPU, vRAM (imagine your host can do memory over-commit up to 256Gig even when yr Host has physical 8 GB RAM) ..great investment over some time besides VMware can sit on cloned computers..check the hardware cmopartibility list on VMware website….These is a great tool to use esp those who want to save over time.. if you are now enterprise you go for the SAN integrate with VMware.. just some piece of marvelous technology to use…

              2. ZedMan

                Imi madinga, musabhadhare izvo endai munotora mahara papiratebay. Ini ndirikuda kutoideleta coz ndanzwa nekushandisa VMware

        2. by the way

          If the server is DOWN it doesn’t matter whether it is a vmware based solution or not. The server is DOWN. Reality is that you will probably get up and running again faster on vmware than any other. In any event, you should deploy vmware on a single server, take advantage of the High Availability options available. For example, if your 5 traditional servers can coexist on 1 vmware rather make them co-exist on 2 vmware hosts. It’s still a 60% reduction in hardware but you can configure HA.

          1. by the way

            Sorry. Should NOT deploy on a single server

  2. ZedMan

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  3. ZedMan

    Axis Solutions kuita sei kwacho?????????????????????????????

  4. ZedMan

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    1. Zitrix


      Asi you are a collegr student. Evidently you are not a corporate citizen