Local education startup, Brainstorm, makes service free

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

brainstorm-coverWhen in February we published the first article about Brainstorm, a startup that brings exam revision material to students via a mobile web service, the founder of the service told us that though they were charging (a cent a question) for the service; they were looking into ways to make it free for any student to access. That time has come. The startup announced via their Facebook page yesterday evening that they have gone free.

The free for all access comes along with the launch of a revamped mobile new version of the mobile website. The new features include a chat room for students designed to let students create revision groups as well as post questions to be answered by their peers.

As for why they have gone free, the announcement says they “believe education should be free and affordable to every child and student.” We spoke to them this morning and they indicated that they have found new ways to make the business viable without charging the students for the content. Another announcement on their model will be coming up in the next few days they told us.


  1. Loyd Kambuzuma

    Brainstorm great ideas, think about monetization later…when you have more students on the platform

  2. Joe

    Great stuff but site currently down… How reliable is web hosting in zimbabwe at the moment in terms of uptime, security, etc

  3. Alu Moyo

    Haven’t been impressed by this site so far – Great idea, nice design but impossible to access. Its so slow! And on cheap phones, it hardly ever loads. I have NEVER been able to open it on a Nokia C1-01 for example – but your typical O-level kid has a basic phone AND will be accessing from home where its most likely they are only getting Edge coverage, not 3G. As a comparison tengesa.com was PERFECT back when it was still up. Loaded fast, on even the most basic phone with only GPRS Internet. Please address this and you have a guaranteed winner!