Midlands State University SIFE team comes 4th in Enactus world cup

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Midlands State university Enactus Team
Midlands State university Enactus Team
Members of the Midlands State University Enactus Team presents at the Enactus world cup in Washington DC yesterday. Credit: Enactus

In April this year we had the opportunity to attend a TEDxChange event in Harare where a student team from a local university, Midlands State University, presented a project called Gre-Cycling – research they are carrying out to create a machine that converts waste plastic to diesel. We wrote about it here.

We were delighted today to learn that last night the MSU BOOST-SIFE team came fourth globally at the Enactus world cup event in Washington DC in the US. They were up against 39 other university teams from such countries as Indian, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, China and Germany. Full list of competing country teams here.

The Zimbabwe team qualified earlier by beating Kenya, Kazakhstan and Nigeria in the Open Round, then beating the United Kingdom, South Africa and Germany in the Semi Final round. In the Final Round, Zimbabwe came fourth in a competition against the US, Egypt and India.

Enactus is the new name for the SIFE initiative. The stated purpose of the organization is to enable progress through entrepreneurial action. It brings together student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. In Zimbabwe, up to 7 universities have active Enactus teams. The Midlands State University team won the country competitions, securing them a place at the Enactus world cup.

We are extremely happy for the MSU team and we wish their project all the success it deserves. We also wish the brilliant entrepreneurs in the team more innovations in future during their time at and when they leave the university. Zimbabwe needs such!


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    Well done guys/girls… we are proud!

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    The article has nothing to do with ICT, which is the principle news driver of this website

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