e-Tech Africa Expo in pictures (Day 1)

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Rainbow Towers Hotel - eTech Africa Expo 2012

Rainbow Towers Hotel - eTech Africa Expo 2012Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the ongoing e-Tech Africa Expo 2012. It was a bit quiet in terms of traffic so we decided to not go today but we’ll be there tomorrow as we hear there’ll be some panel discussions for the better part of the day. It’s a week-long expo by the way and these past two days were reserved for business delegates. It opens to the public tomorrow.

We met a couple of people nonetheless and we have some updates lined up from a few exhibitors that showed us some interesting stuff. The strange thing we noticed is that earlier we had seen reports that at least 87 local and international exhibitors confirmed participation at e-Tech Africa. We didn’t see anything close to 87 exhibitions. Maybe around half that at best.  But who knows, maybe some of the decided to not come on the first day. The most visible exhibition was the Econet Family one; they took up almost a whole floor.

Here are a few pictures we took for those of you that haven’t been there yet.

Zarnet - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

Liquid Telecom - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

Econet Broadband - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

TelOne - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

Telecel - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

NetOne - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

eLearing - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

NetOne - e-Tech Africa Expo 2012

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