ZOL Jumpstart Challenge finalist startup profile: Equinox Education

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Qurious Consulting Team

This short series of 6 articles will cover the profiles of each of the six finalists that made it into the finals of this year’s ZOL Jumpstart Challenge to be held this Friday, 14 September. 

Qurious Consulting TeamStartup: Equinox Education (by Qurious Consulting)

Year founded: 2011

Team: Jacob Shamuyarira , Tonderai Shamuyarira and  Tafadzwa Gutsa

Equinox School Management System  is a system that makes student information available online so parents, teachers and school Administration can have access to their child’s records which will show academic progress, time tables, curriculum, homework and assignments and enables better interaction between parents, teachers, students and the school administration. It also allows School staff to automate some of their daily tasks such as marking the register.

The system can have a number of users with different roles. As a result, different user levels can have access privileges to student information. The different user categories are:

  • School Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents

School Administration departments will have access to all information on the system and can view and modify records for every student and teacher in the system. Teachers will have access to student profiles as well as have the ability to assign their students work and set exam dates. They will also be able to communicate with parents via this system and upload marks attained for previous tests and assignments. Students will have access to their profiles and be able to view assigned work, upcoming tests and exercises, daily timetable and other information relevant to do with them.

Parents will be able to remotely access information to do with their children’s education. Events including achievements, disciplinary issue, unexplained absences from school and ongoing academic performance can be tracked through the system from any corner of the globe. More Importantly, updates such as health information can be shared between the various users. This is intended to ensure that any treatments done at a school are done with full student medical information available.

Equinox is being developed by Qurious Consulting, an upstart IT consultancy firm.



  1. Gus Fring

    sounds to me like Fedena!

    1. James

      Yeah sounds like Fedena. But Fedena is Indian made which might not be suitable for the local market. Still sounds like something that could sell. After all Fedena has made it

  2. Tendai Sean Joe

    Well done

  3. Archford Mabuka

    true innovation, jus needs support. has the piotential to be enrolled nation wide