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Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA)

 Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA)Recently we were pointed to an innovation challenge that we think is a great opportunities if you’re an innovator and in need for both exposure and some investment. The challenge was announced in July but thankfully, if you’re reading this now, you still have more than 5 weeks to participate; the deadline for submission is 31 October 2012.

The challenge, called the Innovation Prize for Africa is in its second year now and is organized by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) in partnership with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

In terms of the innovation areas the they are looking, the challenge looks for Africans to propose projects that unlock new African potential under that include Manufacturing and Service Industry; Agriculture/agribusiness; ICTs; Health and Wellbeing; and Environment, Energy and Water. The IPA says it’s vision is to elevate attention around innovative work and help support the vision of entrepreneurs.

According to an announcement made by the ECA, the competition is open to “innovations by Africans for Africa” regardless of where they are, that is as long as their innovations are of significance to Africa, Africans in the diaspora can apply. The winning proposal will be awarded a cash prize of US$ 100,000, with the two runner-ups receiving US$ 25,000 each.

The competition’s inaugural winner, Egyptian Professor Mohammed Sanad, received $100,000 last year for creating multi-broadband base station antenna.

You can read more about the challenge and make an online application here.

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  1. Shoko Mukanya

    This didnt impress me!
    “Applicants are required to attach a letter of support/endorsement from an institution or an authority with knowledge of their innovation. This will serve as a testimony of how important the innovation is in addressing development challenges faced by Africans.”