Website set up to “expose truths” about Old Mutual

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Old Mutual Hypocrisy Website

Old Mutual Hypocrisy WebsiteIn a case of Internet activism in Zimbabwe, an individual, or group of individuals (it’s not apparent on the site) has set up a website to campaign against what it calls hypocrisy by Old Mutual. The website’s address says just that actually;

Amoung other things, the website accuses the corporate giant of being unapologetic about a “racist colonial past”, unethical business practices and treating tenants unfairly.

It’s difficult to tell how long the website has been up but checks on domain registries on the internet suggest the domain was created on 2 July 2012. A counter on the web page suggests it has been viewed at least 4,500 times.

According to the website, Old Mutual has already tried to shut them down. A letter purportedly written to the owners of the website by Old Mutual demands that they deregister the domain and cease using Old Mutual trademarks.

The characteristic thing about this particular campaign is that it’s not using Facebook or Twitter, the two social networking services known to drive campaigns like these viral. We wonder if that’s by choice.


  1. Raymond Swart

    Internet Activism now in Zimbabwe, not sure how this is going to go down but shows that people who have a strong opinion about something are willing to say something about it. Sometimes that is all it takes to get a positive reaction…. eventually…

  2. tinm@n

    Yeah. Old Mutual. It also used policy holder funds (Zim dollar erra) to
    buy property in order to hedge against inflation. Yet the portfolio is
    not investment and these holders did not get anything from those investments. The property remains in Old Mutual’s hands…and what about the pensioners?

    1. tafmak3000

      Many policy holders did get pay offs from their zim dollar era investments. I know a number. I’m not saying they got theirs money’s worth though

      1. tinm@n

        Yah. But not equivalent to the value of the properties. Those still stand and have appreciated very well. Rightfully, it is their investment too. The payouts were paltry compared to the value of properties they acquired.

        1. tinm@n

          …using their funds

          1. tinm@n

            …”their” being “them”…the policy holders 😀

  3. Joe Black

    I stand to be corrected … but it feels a bit … sponsored. Like an officially-sanctioned hit. We shall see.

    Fun and games, I love it.

  4. tafmak3000

    your text in the picture looks like its on your website! I started reading the article from the text on your picture.

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      ahh, yes, you are right. how to fix?

      1. tinm@n

        maybe border the image and caption it “screenshot from la la la dah dah dah…wha wha wha”…and so on and so on

        just my $1 for 2

      2. Joe Black

        border: solid 1px #DEDEDE;

      3. L.S.M. Kabweza

        fixed. dankie!

  5. Fourwalls In A Room

    You know what, get your facts straight out of all the pension companies OM has paid the most to pensioners. I know my grandmother was getting a lot more than the measly two dollars. This is the problem with silly people who do not have all the facts.

    1. GG

      most is not all, and most is not the appropriate value these are FACTS

      1. Fourwalls In A Room

        Sucks to be you then.

    2. fiend

      How little you know. The Old Mutual issues have been in the media for quite a while. Even they have attempted to salvage their reputation by that donation to “youth” after facing fire