Seizing an opportunity: Telecel’s response to the Econet & NetOne fight

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

So what do you do when you two business rivals start fighting? No, you don’t sit back and watch! You seize the opportunity! You explain to the market why it’s a smart idea for them to just ditch your two rivals and join your network!

Gotta give it to them!

thanks KSPD.


  1. Musa Ncube

    i have always liked Telecel’s marketing team, they are geniuses. Remember their response to Econet’s “night chat”? classic. & today? classic!

    1. curious

      what was their response to night chat?

  2. tendai

    In shona the correct term is muchekadzafa and in politics the correct term is “Julius Malema visiting Marikana soon after the shooting to spite Zuma ” and in business its seizing the moment and making money. I love it man , its cheap but it works. Viva telecel !!!

  3. Prosper Chikomo

    Telecel must go further and launch a “Dollar a Day promotion” exactly like Netone’s, even for 30 days. It is not against the law.

    Now, that would be fun. Telecel would easily double its subscriber base in a matter of days.

    Don’t you just love fair competition?

    God bless Zimbabwe!!!!

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      keyword “fair”

  4. Blessing Dube

    Telecel are really keeping their eye on the ball. It’s great to see such a large company being so agile and hungry for business

  5. Harlin

    Clearly their Marketing Company is on the Ball –

  6. tinm@n


  7. patie

    I just love this. It just shows that the marketing team at telecel has come of age. Now if they would direct some of the energy to improving the IT side of things then it would be be super

  8. Observer

    Why not? after all they are not lying.

  9. EntrepreneurCrunch

    Ya ya ya Telecel are on the ball for real. They probably have scooped some subscribers whilst the other two brothers are fighting.

  10. Richard Issa

    Hoping to cash in but that did not happen?

  11. Chris Mberi

    Mucheka dzafa and why not… love this

  12. Mdara Mdara

    has netone been paying telecel interconnection fees?

    1. Prosper Chikomo

      ha ha. Good question.