Econet and NetOne agree to resume interconnection pending main hearing

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Reports on yesterday’s High Court hearing on the interconnection dispute between Econet and NetOne say the two mobile operators made a “draft consent order” yesterday in which Econet agreed to resume interconnection services with NetOne pending the main hearing on the matter. The date of the hearing will be set after Econet files its arguments with the High Court.

According to reports in the Herald and Zimbabwe Mail, the agreement is based on a 2004 interconnection agreement and some conditions set by POTRAZ. It’s not clear yet what POTRAZ conditions these are.

Information in the state owned newspaper, the Herald, also suggests that Econet terminated the interconnection again yesterday at 10AM and that this may result in contempt of court charges leveled against the company. Econet was expected to only make a move on the interconnection after the High Court hearing yesterday determined the way forward. Over the weekend Econet sent the following SMS below to its subscribers and apparently, went on to disconnect NetOne again at 10AM:

Econet would like to advise its valued customers, that it has Unilaterally decided to temporarily extend Interconnection to NetOne until Monday 27 August when the High Court is expected to hear the matter relating to the interconnection. In the interim we wait for repayment proposals that NetOne has undertaken to make through its lawyers before the hearing.


  1. John

    …and where is Potraz as all this circus continues unabated. I think Potraz is just a useless organisation that is reaping where it is not sowing. I just cant understand why they get those exorbitant levies from the operators when they are doing nothing to safeguard either the consumers or disadvantaged operators.

    1. Cde_Hero

      I concur with you, POTRAZ is a toothless bulldog full of spent forces who can hardly make a decision let alone even a statement. Like a schoolboy bully, what Econet did was to shake a fist on POTRAZ’s (Headmaster) face then proceed to pummel and manhandle Netone (Kid) in front of POTRAZ. One wonders what POTRAZ is there for because when they were asked to even comment on this issue they referred to the Ministry.