Zimbo Jam downed for several days during upgrade

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

“Zimbos, we got a problem….. This is the message that will greet you if  you visit Zimbabwe’s most popular showbiz & lifestyle website today.

The site has been down since Friday due to a problem that happened during an upgrade to a new version of the website. Techzim got in touch with Zimbo Jam Founder and ‘Senior Web Imagineer’, Fungai Tichawangana today to learn more about what is going on there.

Tichawangana explained to us that one of the major components of the site stopped working on Friday last week and his team had to spend two days restoring it. “Totally derailed us as so many other things depended on it,” he said. The website runs on the Joomla platform, one of the internet’s most popular content management systems.

Today is the 5th day since the problem started making it one of the longest periods Zimbo Jam has been down since it launched more than 3 years ago.  Visitors are being referred to the website’s Facebook page for entertainment and news updates. Tichawangana says they are working as hard as they can to ensure the site is restored soon.

Tichawangana took the opportunity to give us a few teasers on what to expect on the news Zimbo Jam. Here:

  • User Generated Content
    We’re opening up Zimbo Jam so that Zimbabweans around the world can help us document life as it happens around us.
  • JamStream
    You know how we do live updates of events on Facebook and Twitter? The new site will have a feature called JamStream. We are moving as many of the live updates as we can to our site.
  • The Artists Acre
    Imagine an online space where people who have contributed significantly to arts & culture will be honoured. The new Zimbo Jam will have a feature like this.
  • The Weekly Playlist
    Users will be able to play some of the latest music coming out of Zimbabwe right on the website.
  • Extended Rollout
    We have a raft of other new features that we will roll out over the next three months including an extensive arts & culture directory, an archive of Zimbabwean music, online shop, etc.


  1. chengeh

    i feel for you James, but cant wait for the new features…you been working really hard…

  2. Infinisystech

    This is too long now, talk to me, i can fix it, maybe even for free.

  3. KuraiMGT

    Senior Imagineer……thats jamming!