The ups and downs of the H-Metro website

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It must be extremely frustrating being an H-Metro fan on the internet. You never really know if you’ll be able to access the tabloid’s website on any given day. The website,, goes up and down like a yo-yo. We get tips in our mailboxes numerous times from readers tipping us the website is down. We don’t check each time anymore.

The website was down this whole past weekend. Then it went up Monday morning. Went down later that evening. Was up Tuesday and Wednesday. Went down Thursday. Was up this morning but very slow. It’s down right now, with a “This site has been suspended notice”.

A source at Zimpapers says they are moving the site to high capacity hosting. They wouldn’t say when. The “suspended” sign itself is not usually sign of limited capacity. 99%x of the time, it’s a payment issues with the host. Who knows?

The website was ‘developed’ and is hosted by a local web design company called iNduku.

It’s not all negative for H-Metro of-course; they probably get more people buying the physical paper that way. No Zim media house has succeeded so far monetizing the web side of their business, which, by the way worries us once these guys have a means to collect payment online, pay walls will go up.


  1. Joe Black

    If you’re from iNduku and you’re reading this, feel free to remove the default Joomla favicon from your website. Thanks.

    1. Harrison Ford, Air Force One

      Stop being funny! lol! Joomla has really taken Techzim by storm! My eyes are watering with tears of laughter! Thanks Techzim for naming these companies developing and hosting these sites. such information will definitely help people decide who to do business with or not, or who to get what from.

      Hopefully the iNduku guys will not come to post here froathing at the mouth accusing you of having a personal vendetta against them.

      Now i can go home having had a good laugh.

    2. Mukuru263

       classic case of template installers!

  2. Hollywood

    These guys at Hmetro will never learn.Power customer service in Zim as usual,such a shame 🙁

    1. Hollywood

      Sorry,i meant poor customer service lol

  3. Harrison Ford, Air Force One

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  4. Harrison Ford

    I think this guy call Harrison just wants to advertise himself. He hates joomla and wants people to think its bad… find somewhere else to let people know u exist and get a budget for advertising….nxa

    1. Harrison Ford, Air Force One

      Your thinking is so very wrong, and if you ever read all my comments here you would find that so. How sad that you think so. if i wanted to advertise myself i would use my name, photo, and provide links to my website. And just whay would i want anyone to think joomla is bad? What would i get? What would i benefit? I pity those who think i am out to advertise myself. Pitiful. I really have no time for squabbles or to respond to personal attacks, sadly.

  5. Anonymous

    Sad, I really like hmetro. cracks my ribs. hope they sort out this mess soon.

  6. Infinisys

    People should stop responding to harrison ford. He’s one of those people who show the bad side of anonymous posts.