Press Release: Chips Computing launches Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition

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Chips Computing Services, which represents Sage Enterprise Software in Zimbabwe, officially launched the latest version of Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3, Standard Edition, at a function held in Harare last Friday (14 October).

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition was developed on the foundation of ERP X3. It was created from a functional role perspective. It is designed to reduce costs, increase efficiency, ease the learning curve and provide clear visibility of one’s business.

It is for businesses with fewer than 50 users and limited resources that are looking for ERP best practices and fast deployment.

Speaking at the launch, the vice-president for sales in Africa of Sage Enterprise’s South African subsidiary, Softline Accpac, Mr Keith Fenner, said with Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition, rapid implementation was guaranteed as it is pre-configured to meet common core mid-term market requirements.

He said Standard Edition was for customers looking for something better and looking for ERP expertise.

It is for companies that have complex business processes, are under time and resource pressure, have a limited budget and value the support of a dedicated partner close to their business.

Additional features and modules that Mr Fenner said had been incorporated into Standard Edition include Projects, which helps in centralising all projects and related components, and Import Tracking for those that care about visibility and want to manage a global supply chain, cost management and cost reconciliation.

Other modules include Human Resources Management (HRM), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) bus.

The HRM module allows for integration and helps manage employees, time activities, expenses, leave, talent management and health and safety.

Key features in Enterprise Asset Management include planned and unplanned maintenance and quality control.

The EAI bus module makes it possible to synchronise databases for the same company distributed across different servers. It is powerful, was designed for Africa and is auditable. This module will specifically assist companies with branches where comms are not reliable. Downtime can be minimised by allowing local users at remote site to transact locally with data being synchronised to main central server at timed intervals.

Mr Fenner mentioned that 75 percent of companies in Southern Africa that use ERP reported that the system helped them increase profitability, while 89 percent thought commitments had been met. More than 10 percent thought time was saved in processing and producing financial statements that were Sage ERP recorded.

He said the proven return on investment (ROI) with Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition had exceeded expectations. It was a system designed for customers by customers.

Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition is International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) compliant. With a team always monitoring changes in IFRS, it is easily adapted to changes.