Econet, only mobile operator using Facebook to engage customers

L.S.M Kabweza Avatar

Facebook is just one of those platforms that a lot of internet users spend their time on. The platform (and other social media websites) has long been recognised as a business platform that companies can use to interface with consumers. Some local brands have successfully used the platform to communicate and stay in constant touch their customers.

In telecoms there’s one company that’s using Facebook quite well.  And that company is Econet. For all the flack the Zimbabwean mobile giant gets for its call center (getting through to it is very difficult), it’s the only mobile operator providing direct support to its customers on Facebook.

Using a Facebook group called “Econet Wireless Zimbabwe”, the company responds to subscribers posting questions on the group’s wall. Most subscribers with issues get the response “please inbox number and type, model of handset and we will assist you with this.” And shortly afterwards you see an update from the subscriber acknowledging the problem has been resolved.

We do notice that not every question gets answered, and the team behind the initiative should improve on that. The fact however that it’s the only mobile operator that sees Facebook as an effective customer engagement platform makes the company stand out. And of course the Facebook group alone can’t cater for the 5 million subscribers, it just provides an additional platform for some of the subscriber.

Telecel does have a Facebook page, but it has so far used it to post some pictures of a few functions held at the company; 6 updates in total. Understandably, an unofficial Telecel Facebook page (apparently run by some independent individuals providing Telecel some unsolicited social media marketing help) is more popular than the official one. The other players, NetOne and Africom, have chosen to stay off Facebook completely.

So, if you have an issue and can’t reach the Econet call center, or don’t want to stand in a queue at an Econet office, here’s a group you can join and get some support. Whatever team is doing this at Econet; way to go guys. Please keep it up.


  1. ★ Byers Design ★

    thank god we are starting to embrace the social media platform! well done Econet! Keep it up!

  2. Kurai

    econet has just connected my rural area with more “boosters”. now thats tech newz. kikikik

  3. Art (The Idea Factory)

    Yes, that is good news. What area exactly is this by the way?

  4. Oscar Manduku

    So what, ECONET celebrates things that little people should be celebrating…Instead of create new innovations, they focus on trivial common knowledge whilst oppressing people. Please….

  5. Iwirelesstechnologies

    well done to econet for getting the little thingz rite, like responding to us on a small platform like econet-FB-group, it shows your concern for those that consume your products, from the least to the greatest, excellence means getting the little thingz rite, keep it up!