Rwandan President to take questions on YouTube

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YouTubePaul Kagame, the sitting president of Rwanda, will this month be on YouTube to answer questions from internet users. The interview is organized by YouTube World View, a YouTube project featuring a series of monthly interviews with the world’s foremost leaders.

YouTube World View allows Internet users to submit questions to the featured leader and the top-rated questions will be asked in an exclusive interview to be aired on YouTube. The questions can be submitted in either video or text. The deadline for submitting questions is tomorrow, the 3rd of May, so if you have a question for the leader, you have a day to go. The final interview will be available on YouTube on 7 May 2011.

Highly rated tech questions already asked include:

Your excellence recently you encouraged rwandan youth to use social media which is good for the development of our country.I would like to know what are ICT authorities doing to speed ICT secteor growth in Rwanda mostly Internet penetration

Dear Mr President, When do u think Rwandans will finally get to enjoy true broadband Internet? Major investments have been made by Gov but the process seems to have stalled for a while now! Where does the problem lie? Thx. A concerned IT entrepreneur

You personally use social networking websites like twitter, do you think modern day leaders, & government officials should use these platforms as a means to reach young people, or as a means to broadcast vital information?

We found ourselves wishing we could ask the same of our leaders. We’ll try actually. You can submit a question for president Paul Kagame here.

YouTube World View has featured other notable figures in past broadcasts: leaders like Barrack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron and Melinda Gates. The Rwandan president will become the first Africa leader to be featured on the series.

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  1. Grace Ngugi

    Does your country have many unemployed youths?, how are you handling the youths future in your country?