Press Release: Sage Pastel Payroll software sees strong growth in Africa

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Chips Computing ServicesWith business partner representation in 18 African countries, payroll and HR software developer Sage Pastel Payroll is extending its international business and providing focused sales and support infrastructure through a well-established business partner network.

International services director at Sage Pastel Payroll & HR, Laurica Kok, said the company has a well-established footprint in Africa and continues to expand. “We’re committed to this market and we anticipate sustained growth.”

Pointing out that Sage Pastel Payroll has more than 1 500 business partners in Africa and more than 30 000 companies using the software, Kok said a major advantage for the company has been its ability to provide a one-stop solution for businesses in terms of accounting, payroll and human resources (HR) software.

“Companies can rely on a one-stop solution, making a telephone call to a single entity for the purchase, installation and support of accounting, payroll and HR software as well as the provision of a seamless GL (general ledger) integration between payroll and accounting software and the benefit of similar look and feel for easy operation of the solutions.”

Sage Pastel Payroll is particularly prominent in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, Namibia and Zambia to the point that Kok said the company is able to provide customers doing business in these countries with statutory reporting functionality specific to the legislation applying in each country, over and above the tax table update implementation.

“An advantage for us in the African market has been the simplicity and user-friendliness of our software, our vast experience developing software and the fact that there are no compulsory set-up costs, however the consultants are available if on-site assistance is needed.”

One of the major Sage Pastel Payroll business partners, Chips Computing Services, is based in Zimbabwe and has 26 sub-dealers. Managing director Rob Watson said easy-to-use software solutions with practical functionality, affordable implementation and efficient on-site support when required, are key to their market.

Mr Watson went on to add:

Chips have been businesses partners for Pastel in Zimbabwe for 20 years , our success comes from being focused on business software and offering services that ensure clients receive optimum benefits from their investment in the software and are guaranteed support to ensure business continuity .  Our offering is unique in Zimbabwe because we have a strong relationship with the authors who will ensure that they assist with any program changes that are unique to Zimbabwe. Furthermore we have invested in training and certifying our staff to an international standard and do not rely on imported skills when carrying out implementations at clients

Kok said SME companies have realised the need for a dedicated payroll software solution to reap the immense benefits that derive from automation. “Our software is giving businesses easy, user-friendly functionality, full compliance with all of the tax and legal issues as well as accurate processing of individually complicated employee portions of the payroll.”


  1. JamesM

    While I applaud Sage Pastel for having been a stalwart IT vendor on the ZIM market for as long as I can remember, their business model is 90s model being fast replaced by internet hosted solutions. Zimbabwean companies that are predominantly small to mid-size companies are best served seeking either an open source web paltform or a cloud based subscription service. Check out openbravo or openerp for those who might be interested. is what I would recommend to big companies with budgets to match.

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