Press Release: NetOne’s OneWallet successfully launched to stakeholders

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NetOne’s newest and pioneering product, OneWallet mobile money transfer solution was successfully launched to stakeholders in the city of Harare recently. OneWallet is a cocktail of services that include, sending cash, receiving cash, topping up own account, topping up another’s, account and paying bills via the mobile phone. All these payment are done from the customer’s virtual account opened at the nearest NetOne shop or registered OneWallet Money agent.

OneWallet SIM cards which are 128k are now available for swapping at all NetOne One World Shops across the country including strategic partners Firstel and Zellco. The 128k SIM card is a high memory size SIM card with security features that allow for smooth transactions in mobile money transfer and most of all ensure higher security features.

NetOne Managing Director Mr Reward Kangai said, “OneWallet is for the banked and unbanked members of the public. You do not need to have a bank account to send and receive cash, all you need is your mobile phone, 128k SIM card and the cash which you will transact after depositing into a virtual account at the NetOne shop or registered OneWallet money agent.”

He added, “We took our time in crafting this product so that the convenience to the customers is felt and also security features are simple to understand, yet very effective. Security is the most important issue in handling money transfer, so in the development of OneWallet we worked closely with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and FBC Bank which is the banking partner for the purposes of underwriting the project.

“NetOne is in the middle of recruiting money agents that will be the collection points for cash and depositing of money into the Stored Virtual Account (SVA). These agents will be vetted for integrity and corporate governance record. We are towing the line of the banking regulator, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) in terms of recruiting money agents. Our intention is that anytime a customer comes to redeem cash, it will be available.”

NetOne is on an innovative drive following the recent partnership with Moonlight Funeral Assurance where NetOne customers can pay for their Funeral Assurance premiums by a user friendly SMS based transaction called Flexipay. Flexipay has its own vouchers  which are used by NetOne customers to pay their premiums. This service is open for prepaid and post paid customers. The Flexipay allows for customers to pay for their funeral premiums in a flexible manner where they can make an SMS based deposit upon purchasing a Flexipay voucher, aptly named for its flexibility on one’s pocket.

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