ICT 2010 Achievers Awards Businessman of the Year: Douglas Mboweni

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Below is the full description of the achievement of ICT Businessman of the year award winner, Econet CEO, Douglas Mboweni. The text has been posted here unedited.

Mr Mboweni is an exemplary Zimbabwean businessman that has shown strong entrepreneurial orientation in finding creative solutions to the challenges of operating and developing a business that delivers convenience to the people of Zimbabwe during a time of considerable economic challenges.

He has strong leadership qualities including an unwavering focus on the mandate of his business, devising strategies that focussed on retaining critical skills, maintaining growth momentum and visionary leadership that inspires his staff to attain challenging goals. Mr Mboweni has presented numerous presentations on the power of ICTs in accelerating growth and developement in Zimbabwe and the larger society. He has been consistent in disseminating and shaping opinion on the discourse on the developement of progressive ICT policies.

Mr Mboweni has demonstrated inspired leadership in leading Econet Zimbabwe during a period when the business has enjoyed unprecedented growth and introduced a miriad of innovative products to empower the customers and increase convenience.

Mr Mboweni has been liberal with his time in sharing his insights on a broad range of issues as a member of various boards whose objectives are to capacitate empowerment initiatives. Particularly he served on the Indigenisation Committee on ICTs which was formed to make recommendations to the Minister on progressive mechanisms to implement the provisions of the indigenisation Act.

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  1. Maxlaw

    Ah, zviri pachena kuti makashanda mukoma. Hazvidi godobori kudoma izvi. Thank you for making Zimbabwe a better place to live, bro. Maxlaw Abraham Ali

  2. Ss

    I stand to be corrected; is Mboweni a businessman or a CEO??