The Month Of Free Mobile Broadband In Zimbabwe

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Happy Web User

Happy Web UserSome two weeks ago, we posted that Africom is still giving away free internet despite the expiration of the gratis internet promotion. Africom subscribers are still getting fast internet for nothing as we write this, and it’s emerging they’re not the only ones enjoying free stuff this month. Some Econet subscribers are too.

We started getting reports about a week ago and initially we thought there was nothing to it. Just some users confused about how the system works maybe . Then more tips came in and we thought we’d try it ourselves. It’s been free amazingly fast broadband since!

For some reason though it happens for some subscribers and not for others. We checked with some techies at Econet and got told that Econet is giving away 200MB free to all old data enabled lines and post-paid subscribers, promotionally.

First, it’s quite strange that Econet would give promotional freebies and not blow its horn for it. There are no full page adverts about this in the press. Second, we saw firsthand 2 new prepaid lines (not old data enabled ones) that activated internet for a 5MB bundle but have been surfing without topping up since.

Case of a broken system? We don’t know. We’ll just enjoy this free broadband month while it lasts, and pray December is as generous.

If you shied away from the Africom broadband because of the price, and then literally boycotted the Econet broadband because it’s too expensive, you’re probably slapping your cautious yourself. We know Africom suspended registering more users but Econet’s probably going to be open for a while so you might have a small window still.


  1. KhuleKuka

    Got free 100MB last month after i bot my 1st 100MB since then nothing, up to now paying for every bit.

  2. Marvsta

    Apparently Africom is still taking on new subscribers in Byo coz I got a EVDO modem today and I’m now happily connected to their network.

    Econet have seen the last of me, their network is slow anyway compared to Africom!

  3. JamesM

    OK! Trust me I will be at Econet tomorrow and buy their modem and bandwidth. If this turns out to be true, I will hold a temporary moratorium on making fun of their free life insurance.
    Some speculation though as to why Africom and Econet might be offering free internet. It’s definitely a catch-and-hold customers strategy. The only reason I can think of is that permanent pricing will start when the country is linked to an undersea cable running on the east-coast of Africa, either directly via Mutare then Beira; or through Musina and partner with a South African telco. There’s every likelihood that this link-up could happen toward the end of this month or sometime in December.
    They can cover this free internet by selling usb modems. Go to search for 3G modem and see how dead cheap these devices are. Econet and Africom can buy these in bulk, and bulk purchases can be as low $5 a piece. They then sell these to us for about $90-$100/unit, and now, there is no duty on IT equipment anymore! There’s your free internet covered right there!

  4. JamesM

    But then again after reading the first 2 posts above. I won’t!

  5. Joe Black

    “Second, we saw firsthand 2 new prepaid lines (not old data enabled ones) that activated internet for a 5MB bundle but have been surfing without topping up since.”

    Are you sure it was spooning the excess bandwidth from their airtime? Cos the same happened to me, and I thought I was cruising.

    Only to check airtime later, and lo and behold.

  6. Kabweza

    surfing with zero airtime. and on one of them, we were hesitant to topup airtime coz we thought the account was now deep in debit. but we topped and the airtime wasn’t touched. still surfing.
    have heard other similar cases too.

  7. sir allen

    ahh i have to look for my old enabled line.and give my africom modem a brk.thanks techzim

  8. tapfuma

    it is true that some econet subscribers are surfing net for free… i know qyt a number of pple and it seems there is no common factor as to why and how its possible. my gues however is; either there is a config error in their sys,(or)
    its a loophole they’re failing to tackle or its a psychology thing whereby if they give away (4 free) a negligible amount of bandwidth to a certain number of subscribers, those benefiting will soon get accustomed to their service and the moment it (econet) blocks them from accessing, they will continue preferring econet because they’re used to it. in other words they will be giving away free bandwidth just for a short while so that they can reap long-term relationships. clever huh? i myt be wrong bt thats my opinion…