Axis Takes Delivery Of More Fiscalisation Devices As Deadline Approaches For Business

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Electronic Fiscal Devices

Electronic Fiscal DevicesYou will remember that back in August when talk about Fiscalisation in Zim took center stage, there was an outcry about the unrealistic deadline for companies to ‘fiscalise’. Business was required to change over to the fiscalised devices by the 1st of October. This of course wasn’t possible and the deadline had to be extended some three months.

As the new 1 January 2011 deadline approaches, Axis Solutions, one of the two licensed suppliers of the devices has taken delivery of hundreds of the devices and expects thousands more in the coming weeks. The company is expecting and preparing for a busy period upto the 1st of January.

According to Axis Solutions Divisional Head of Retail, Mr. Prince Dube, the company is geared to continue fulfilling its obligations to supply the devices in time for the deadline.

Asked if they were facing any issues implementing the regulatory changeover, Mr. Dube said the company had faced some minor challenges working with some Point Of Sale system vendors to develop application interfaces for the new devices. Apparently Axis had to go out of its way to develop the interfaces of some POS systems so they could help customers with the changeover (for a cost of course).

On whether businesses are starting to comply with the fiscalisation regulations, Mr. Dube says while response had been low when the new requirements were announced back in, a lot of companies have approached them to buy the devices and plan the changeover.

Here are some photos of the devices we took when we were at the Axis Solutions offices this week:

Electronic Tax Register
The MP55 Electronic Tax Register
The Just Delivered Fiscalised Devices
The Just Delivered Fiscalised Devices at Axis Solutions