Africom Suspends Adding More Customers Until System Is ‘Integrated’

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Out Of StockLast week, we wrote that Africom was giving away free bandwidth to subscribers. Free, not because Africom loves giving away internet gratis, but some “outstanding integration aspects” sort of forced them into this not so desirable situation.

Today we got a message from Africom. They’re basically suspending adding more customers until these “outstanding integration aspects” have been fixed. We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. The lucky ones among you, the early adopters who didn’t hesitate to subscribe when the service launched, will not be affected.

The message reads:

We are deferring the loading more customers on the network to allow for new services to be added and integrated onto the network platform. Current users will not be affected; however there will be an opportunity to upgrade your packages to enjoy the new services which are coming with the integration.

Reading between the lines you can of course see the real reason is probably that internet is an expensive commodity and Africom understandably can’t just keep signing on more subscribers for free. Especially now that people know they can surf for free. We somehow feel responsible for this. So, sorry folks.

The new services referred to here might be the mobile telephony we’ve heard Africom is going to launch soon. Remember the MiBudget and MiHome packages we mentioned briefly in October? This might be it. Econet, Telecel, NetOne; prepare to make a good run for your money!


  1. Dum Geek

    I respect people who identify problems and take measures to correct the situation. Its a noble thing that Africom is taking prompt action to ensure that “internet-workers” benefit from flawless service.

    I wish all service providers would be man enough and tackle the challenges “their networks” are currently facing.

    Kabweza thanks for the good work.

    This email was sent through an Africom Dongle.

  2. itai

    wise move Africom lest people leave in their numbers because of degraded service. i hope the intergration process doesnt take too much time because in the meantime clients will be going to the other service providers. Some with ‘unlimited’ internet thats is slow. I have been on a spree of recommending Africom Mobile internet service and i dont have anything to recommend during this transition period.

    keep at it guys..

  3. sir allen

    amana vamwe vanhu voitei?anyway enjoying the free internet

  4. tendai

    enjoying the free net but lately it has been crap. but then again, what would you expect from a free service.

  5. Joe Black

    According to Econet, I have 0mb prepaid bandied expiring 3 days ago.

    Yet here I am, browsing. Slowly but surely.

    These chaps are all idiots.

  6. JamesM

    “Reading between the lines you can of course see the real reason is probably that internet is an expensive commodity and Africom understandably can’t just keep signing on more subscribers for free”. Really? Africom or any other telecoms company for that matter are in the business of making money and not providing free internet service. Look no further than Econet for a telecoms company that offers a free service, i.e. FREE LIFE INSURANCE!
    There is no doubt that Africom has been hammered by overwhelming subscriptions, and may want to slow that down until the link-up to Beira tapping into the Indian ocean undersea cable has been made. A much cheaper option to route international traffic than satellite. Once this link-up has been made expect Africom to put the hammer down with new subscriptions, and Telecel (which has been waiting on the side-lines) to come out guns blazing.
    Contractual agreements with satellite providers may limit internet traffic that Africom may want to route via that platform.
    Consider also that Africom’s network is data only. They may have premium services in the pipe-line that could offer VOIP and bulk internet services to high paying companies, and it would be to their advantage to guarantee these entities mission critical bandwidth.

  7. Joe Black

    So now I’ve tethered my phone to my laptop, and am happily using it. Abuse!

  8. Joe Black

    Ha! Nothing for nothing comrades. It was busy hoovering up AIRTIME! So basically, Econet has OPENED their mobile broadband, but if you use it, even with your balance on zero, your airtime is swallowed.

    Wow. Really, clap clap Econet.

  9. rockwell hardness

    Joe Black, send me details on how you managed to tether you phone. Are you using bluetooth or infrared. Do you need a dial-up number? If so what is it?

  10. munhu

    this issue of delayed charging after having run up a huge airtime deficit is easily solved by throwing the line into the nearest dustbin and getting another one for $2.

  11. Joe Black

    Truly. These guys are something else.

  12. Joe Black

    I have a jailbroken iPhone, so I downloaded the Tether app from Cydia and simply connected my phone using USB, it creates a network connection on the computer called iPhone.

  13. munhu

    work for Africom? seems like u know a lot of inside info

  14. JamesM

    No I don’t! Just better conjecture that surely grabbed your attention!

  15. rockwell hardness

    @ Joe Black, thanks man.

  16. mariraba

    Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  17. At least I don’t have to use dial up anymore

    So how long before Africom data lines start appearing on the black market?