POTRAZ Tells Mobile Phone Users to Register Lines or Risk Disconnection

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POTRAZThe Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued a notice to all mobile phone users to register their mobile lines by 31 August 2010. The noticed was issued through Zimbabwe’s print media and reads in part:

all postpaid and prepaid mobile phone users should be registered with their mobile operators by 31 August 2010… Failure to comply will result in the disconnection of lines. Be guided accordingly.

POTRAZ explains in the notice that registration of mobile lines will help increase security for the users and “combat criminal activity and abuse of mobile phones by certain individuals”.

POTRAZ issued an ultimatum to the country’s three mobile operators (Econet, Telecel, and NetOne) in March this year to register the personal details of all mobile phone users by 10 August 2010. Then, the POTRAZ Director General, Mr. Charles Sibanda said that a penalty schedule would apply to companies that failed to meet the deadline.

There have been concerns that the August deadline will be hard to meet for all mobile operators but Econet and NetOne have indicated they don’t have problems with it. The Zimbabwean state owned daily, The Herald, reported earlier this week that Telecel had asked for an extension of the deadline citing logistical issues that would make it impossible to register all million plus subscribers.

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