The Broken Reserve Bank Website

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RBZToday I was going through an article we’ll post shortly on ICT security in Zimbabwe. In the article, reference was made by the writer to the fact that there are no major information security compliance or legislation requirements to govern the implementation of ICT security in Zimbabwe. That the only major requirement around is for banks to comply with the RBZ Bank Certification (Bank Supervision IT requirements).

As is practice here, when we make a claim in an article, we make sure that we reference the source of the information. So I pointed my browser to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe website, to find any information on this RBZ ‘security’ requirement. It opened the neat RBZ site we all came to know during those mad ‘burning’ days.

I clicked on the menu links on the left. None of them is working! They all return the ASP error in the picture above. The only page available on the site is the homepage. The homepage itself is outdated. The last foreign currency exchange rates were entered on 8 February this year.

I remember a time when speeches by the Reserve Bank governor were posted on the site within an hour of the live speech presentation.

For a central bank website, this is quite embarrassing. We’ll make an effort to tell them about it. The RBZ is not alone in this. We have done 2 articles in the past about broken websites in Zimbabwe. One last year and another just weeks ago.

UPDATE (30 June 2010): Now it’s just Offline.


  1. Emelie

    The website is now back up, but it is still devoid of any information. Ironically, the only links that was working a couple of days ago was the disclaimer – but as of today, that seems to be down as well.

  2. Brighton Kukasira

    Does anyone know if the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange website provides an API to allow programs to trade on the exchange?

    1. Gftkanoe

      They do not have papa. They r still backward man.

  3. Brighton Kukasira

    The Zimbabwe stock exchange could use ICT to allow automatic trading and matching. Longer hours of trading will be possible. An added benefit of automation would be that trading will be available 24 hours a day, that would provide a lot of liquidity.